MOTORBIKES have been slapped with tickets for parking in an area riders claim has no restriction signs and has been used for years.

Traffic wardens have dished out tickets to bikers parked near bicycle racks on Broad Street near the junction of Deansway.

Worcester City Council said motorbikes had never been permitted to park there and is taking a “more consistent approach” to enforce the restrictions.

A spokesman added free parking bays were provided for motorbikes at all of its car parks.

But biker William Spackman believes it is unfair after being hit with a £35 fine on Monday morning after popping into the city centre for a coffee.

The 53-year-old from Warndon said: “I think it is totally wrong. People have been parking there for years and have never had tickets A shopkeeper came out and said seven or eight bikes were given tickets on Saturday.

“But there’s no restriction sign saying no parking and doesn’t mention that anything has changed. I always park here when I’m in town going for a coffee or shopping or work.”

He parked up his bike at around 9.30am and when he returned at about 11am to find he had been handed a fine.

Mr Spackman said is considering appealing against it.

“I’ve been parking here for over a year and other people have been parking here longer – there are no signs up.

“Sometimes I can’t find parking spaces so I come here.

“I’ve had traffic wardens walk past before as I am parking up and they have never given me a ticket. The bikes aren’t taking up a lot of room, they’re not causing a problem to anyone and they’re not in the way of the public path because that’s around the corner.”

A council spokesman said: “Motorbikes have never been permitted to park in this part of Broad Street, which is a pedestrianised area and is subject to a Traffic Regulation Order.

“The city council is working to ensure a more consistent approach is taken to parking enforcement for both cars and motorbikes.

“All the city council’s car parks include free parking bays for motorbikes, with the Newport Street car park only 50 metres from the bottom of Broad Street.”