WORCESTER MP Robin Walker has finally made The Sun newspaper, which ran an excitable piece over his remarks on the UK leaving the Single Market after Brexit - but he won’t be thanking the Lib Dems for their intervention.

The tabloid quoted Tim Farron, chief pin-up for the Remain camp, saying: “The EU exit department is an utter shambles, and I guess the minister and civil servants that gave a straight answer here will be hauled over the coals.”

How rude!

WE’VE been telling you in recent weeks how the rise of campaign group Momentum has changed the face of Worcester Labour Party, but you haven’t heard the half of it.

One new member has had to be kicked out the branch - an extremely rare achievement if ever there was one - for “harassing” a female activist.

That’s one of the problems with such a rapid influx in party membership - the nutters and hangers-on that come with it.

* GREEN Councillor Neil Laurenson, one of those backing Worcester City Council’s impending change to the committee system, reckons most punters agree with him.

“If you did a poll down Worcester High Street, I think most people will approve of a more democratic system,” he said.

But do they?

The sobering truth is that while matters like this may be a trifle important, my inclination is that voters don’t give a flying fig.

Most folk just want the bins emptied on time, council tax kept down and a nice quiet life.

A FEW years ago almost any vacancy that came up within Worcestershire’s councils would be advertised and filled as soon as possible - but not any more.

Every time a senior city council worker wants to fill a job now, a special ‘grilling’ panel is convened so they can be questioned on the reasons why.

If the answers aren’t good enough, it remains empty - which is just one reason why the current leadership is confident it can slash 28 posts without any compulsory redundancies. How times change.

* THE man who became UKIP’s first ever councillor in Wychavon, Ged Bearcroft, has defected to the Conservatives, saying his old party has “achieved its objective of setting Britain on course to leave the EU”.

But hang on - this bloke was only elected last May, a mere nine months ago.

At the time he said he was “delighted with the party”, declaring that the area’s traditional blue voters “wanted a change” after he succeeded in ousting veteran Tory Councillor John Smith at Wychavon District Council.

What planet are these people on?