A WORRIED parent is calling for dog walkers to clear up their pets' "disgusting" mess he says is strewn around his village.

Martin Huxley, from Drakes Broughton, near Pershore, claims pet owners are not binning their dogs' mess, but are leaving it all over the pavements.

The 39-year-old, who has a young son, wants the village to be cleaned up - and even says he will move away if the problem persists.

Drakes Broughton and Wadborough with Pirton Parish Council says it is "more than happy" to discuss the matter with Mr Huxley, and added it had received just one complaint in the past year about dog mess.

"It is just bringing the village down," said Mr Huxley. "It is just a disgusting thing. The street has just got terrible. The last two years, it has just got worse.

"It's everywhere, it's in the alleyway, it is outside our house, by the school.

"It is laziness, they do not bag it up - they just leave it everywhere. They do not care about the young kids falling on it.

"If it carries on I wouldn't think about staying in the village. It is a shame. It is a nice village."

Mr Huxley says the matter has been reported to the parish council, and he also contacted Wychavon District Council.

A spokesman for the parish council said one request for an extra dog waste bin on Brickyard Lane was submitted in July 2016, and the matter was discussed by councillors a meeting in August.

It was agreed the council would replace the damaged litter bin in Stonebow Road instead, as there is already a dog waste bin at the top of Brickyard Lane.

The spokesman explained councillors recently agreed to consider providing a new dog waste bin, or re-siting a bin, in the middle of Shrubbery Road - as there is a long stretch of pavement with no bin. However, this is yet to be discussed at a full council meeting.

Nikki Nicholson, parish clerk, said: "We are more than happy for the resident in question to approach us and discuss this matter further. We have contacts in the crime prevention team at Wychavon as not picking up dog waste is a crime with a fine enforceable.

"We as a parish council want to respond and engage with the residents and respond as best we can within our budgetary constraints.

"The public are invited to bring anything they want to raise to the monthly meeting parish council meetings held at the village hall, or to contact me directly by phone or email to bring anything to our attention.

"All complaints or queries are investigated and responded to with openness and transparency.

"A recent door knock survey did not identify raise dog waste as an issue, neither was it raised on the neighbourhood plan survey."