SCHOOLCHILDREN from New College Worcester have tried out a new multi-line Braille eReader.

The youngsters were able to see how the machine, called Canute, could allow up to nine lines of Braille on a single display.

The development is important because previously digital Braille displays have cost thousands of pounds and only showed a single line at a time.

The new eReader will hopefully help improve literacy skills for pupils at the College, which caters for those who are blind or visually impaired.

Sean Randall, IT specialist and teaching assistant at New College Worcester, said: "The kids were gob smacked. "Canute is the only device we know of that renders up to nine Braille lines on a single display.

"Multi-line Braille provides blind students with a greater appreciation for: page layout, tables, mathematics, music notation and computer code.

"These are all fields where blind people can be gainfully employed."

Canute has been developed by Bristol Braille Technology.