A HEALTH expert has retired after 26 years in the industry.

Marie Cockill, 63, retired on Friday after working at a number of Worcester health shops.

Mrs Cockill, who retired on the same day as her husband Alan, spent time managing Holland and Barratt before eight years at General Nutrition Centre in the Crowngate shopping centre.

She then moved onto Rosemary's independent shop before having five years as manager at Revital after setting up the shop.

Mrs Cockill, who lives in the Lower Wick area of the city, said: "I have really enjoyed working in the industry and helping people to take care of themselves has been the highlight for me.

"I came into the industry as I had a general interest in it and I thought it would be a rewarding thing to do."

Mrs Cockill believes that the industry has changed in the time she has been working, with more people making an effort to look after themselves.

"People are far more aware about taking care of themselves than when I started and there are a lot more natural remedies.

"There are less chemicals and no nasties as we call them."

Mrs Cockill is celebrating her retirement by having a meal in the city with her husband.

She moved to the city 26 years ago for her husband's job but stayed due to their liking for the place.

Mrs Cockill added: "We like the people and we like the place, the Cathedral is great and we are close to the motorway and the hills so it is a good starting place.

"We are planning a few holidays now, we have already booked a holiday to Malta."

Alex Browning, new store manager at Revital said: "She will be dearly missed by all of our customers old and new.

She has helped so many people over the years."