POLICE are urging drivers to ignore a hoax warning they will be killed by a gang if they flash their headlights.

West Mercia Police is alerting drivers to a message purporting to be from security company Chubb which warns drivers not to flash their headlights at any cars driving with no lights on.

The message claims that, as part of a gang initiation, gang members will chase any car that flashes them and shoot and kill all of the people in the car.

Warnings of this nature have recently been received by members of the public in Worcestershire and after examination by police intelligence teams they have confirmed that the claims in the message are false.

PC Dave Wise of Worcester's Cathedral Safer Neighbourhood Team said: "No such crimes are taking place. The warning is just a new version of a very old urban legend that has been circulating since at least 1993.

"Reposting this false warning will achieve nothing other than to cause needless fear and alarm in our communities."