A CHILDMINDER has warned that children are in danger because of parked cars on the pavement.

Caroline Rouse claims the vehicles are forcing children to ride their bikes in the road, in Slade Avenue, Worcester.

Ms Rouse, 49, who lives in the cul-de-sac, said the vehicles also block prams and has called for residents to use their driveways.

"My neighbour has parked on the pavement. The children can't ride bikes around the car, they have to go on the road," she said.

"Cars turn around all the time, it's dangerous for children to go in the road. I have a nine-year-old girl and she rides her bike around here.

"I'm also a childminder and I can't get past with a pram, I have to go on the road.

"It's a family environment out here. We just want children to be safe. We have lots of children who and they play out in the paths."

Ms Rouse said the problem has been going on for a long time and that despite complaints nothing has been done.

She added that the children, some of which are as young as two, should be on the pavement when riding their bikes as it is safer.

Louise Spooner, 28, who lives in St John's, Worcester, said: "It's a problem that needs sorting before someone is hurt.

"I regularly have this problem when walking my eight-year-old and youngest in the pram."

City councillor Louis Stephen supported the mothers and said pavement parking is a big problem in Worcester.

"It's not just parents with pushchairs there are quite a lot of people affected by cars parking on pavements," he said.

"Two examples are people with mobility scooters and blind people who walk with a guide dog.

"The dogs try to avoid the parked cars and actually lead the blind person into the road."

The councillor said the issue is difficult to tackle but that education is one solution.