'Are they never going to help?'

SIR – Despite numerous promises and rhetoric it looks like Worcester City Council is never going to help Worcester City Football Club.

It beggars belief what is happening with the site originally earmarked for the football ground at Nunnery way the abomination of buildings being erected were presumably passed by the same councillors who have just turned down Perdiswell.

Regarding Perdiswell, is this the same committee that approved our £10.5 million swimming pool, which we were told would be a competition pool, one of best in the Midlands, bringing in thousands of pounds to the local community.

What have we got? A pool in which you are unable to swim in the first five metres of the 25 due to fact of it being to shallow, therefore not fit for purpose and not worth the money.

As regarding space, do people realise that the golf club have amalgamated with Ravensmeadow golf club and now nine holes are not being used, therefore freeing up some 30-40 acres as green space?

To sum up , only local people using the pool, nobody parking for golf.

What’s the problem?

Shame on the councillors who voted against the application.

John Hill


'Keep getting paid, she said'

SIR – Whilst a temporary manager at the Paul Pry pub in Worcester an elderly gentleman  came into the pub and introduced himself.

He had seen my name over the door as the temporary licensee and he was keen to tell me of his experience at the Metal Box Company in Worcester.

He was an employee of Metal Box and while at work one day he suffered an accident which resulted in a serious injury to his arm.

This was treated and dressed by my great aunt Ellen Regimbeau, who was the nurse to the company for some 30 years.

She not only treated him but gave him some good advice.

She told him: “Make sure you come to work even though you can only carry out light duties, that way the company will have to keep paying you.”

It was good advice which the gentleman appreciated as he continued to receive his wages.

Brian Regimbeau


'Toll of horse race deaths'

SIR – Well done to the animal protection campaigners who held a protest outside Worcester Racecourse on Ladies Day (Worcester News, June 10).

Since 2010, at least 38 horses have been killed at Worcester after suffering horrific injuries such as broken necks and legs.

And every year, the British horse racing industry as a whole is responsible for the slaughter of thousands of horses that have failed to make the grade as racers or when their racing “careers” are over.

Members of the public can help put a stop to this by not attending or betting on horse racing, so this appalling death-industry comes to an end.  Charities can also play their part by not using days at the races for fundraising, and choosing alternative methods of raising money that do not contribute to cruelty to animals.

More information about the suffering and slaughter caused to horses by the British racing industry can be found in the campaigns section of the Animal Aid website at www.animalaid.org.uk.

Peter Talbot


'Fire changes make sense'

SIR – The changes I am proposing to fire service governance are to benefit the frontline, not damage it.

I propose to work more collaboratively and reduce bureaucracy, focusing resources on the frontline where they are needed most.

This collaboration will achieve £4 million savings across the three organisations, not just one. Abolishing the existing governance equates to approximately £500,000 and other savings would be achieved primarily in shared back-office functions.

Our police and fire services would share more buildings, more training facilities and work together on initiatives to improve public safety, all the while sharing best practice to improve the services our communities receive.

All three organisations must find further efficiency savings in the coming years, regardless of who is in charge of governance.

My proposal offers a way of finding more of those savings without touching frontline services.

I would welcome our communities to find out more and take part in the consultation on my website – www.westmercia-pcc.gov.uk.

Finally, I would also like to address an inaccuracy around the cost of my office. Despite covering a much wider remit than the previous police authority our costs are £200,000 less each year.

John Campion

West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner

'Give up their own homes'

SIR – In the light of the horrific events in Kensington, London, will Jeremy Corbin, the Mayor London, Dianne Abbott and many other rich and well-paid Labour politicians, including the rich union leaders, show true Labour values and offer their country homes and subsidised London flats as shelter to the victims of this shocking catastrophe.

Help is need right now. It won’t be put right in days months of years.

It is useless going around with a sanctimonious attitude, hoping this pretence will gain them votes and popularity in the future.

All they can say is “we’ll get justice for you” at the same time blaming the police and fire service.

I didn’t see any politicians helping to sort out the donations, which was a gargantuan task.

Rent a gang – does no good protesting at Theresa May – she didn’t start the fire.

Ditch the hatred and jealously or the rich.

BA Matthews