"DEPRAVED" paedophiles who raped a young boy while he was tied to a bed in Worcester have been jailed for a total of 37 years.

William Paskin and David Willmott were jailed at Worcester Crown Court after both were found guilty of raping and indecently assaulting children.

Paskin, aged 44, of Cranham Drive, Warndon, Worcester was jailed for 25 years after being found guilty of five rapes, two indecent assaults, three sexual assaults against a child under 13 and one count of cruelty to a child.

The sexual assaults against a child under 13 were committed against a third complainant. All the offences happened several years ago.

The cruelty charge involved him kicking a child and lying on top of her.

David Willmott, aged 36, of Rodwell Avenue, Weymouth, was sentenced to 12 years for three rapes and one indecent assault in Worcester. All were committed against the same boy.

Judge Robert Juckes QC said: “The picture that has been painted in this case is one of the most extreme depravity.”

He said Paskin in particular had ‘plumbed the depths of depravity’ with what he called ‘the gross sexual abuse of children’, describing him as having 'a desire to control, a desire to abuse and a desire to dominate' his victims.

Paskin raped the same girl twice when he was 16, once in a tent and once in a toilet in Worcester.

The other rapes, also committed in Worcester, were against a young boy who was tied to a table and a bed.

Judge Juckes said of the boy: "They just used him as a sexual plaything."

They appeared alongside two women, Jemma Terry, aged 31, of Selsey Close, Worcester who was found guilty two counts of cruelty to a person under 16.

Louise Mapp, aged 39, of Lower Chestnut Walk in Worcester was convicted of two counts of affray, including holding a knife to the throat of a child and throwing knives at him. She was acquitted of indecent assault on a boy by the jury.

Daniel White, prosecuting, described it as a ‘campaign of rape’.

He said of the male victim: “He has suffered severe psychological harm as a result of what has been done to him. That is a significant aggravating feature. There was additional humiliation and degradation.

"One rape followed on from the other.

Gareth James, for Paskin, said his client was only 16 when he committed two of the rapes and had 'learning difficulties'.

He added: "He still struggles to read and write to this day."

Michael Anning, for Willmott, acknowledged there was degradation of the boy.

He said: "This is unlikely to have been a course of offending that would have been initiated by Mr Willmott."

He said Willmott was relatively young at the time of the offences - 20 years old - and moved to Malvern to distance himself from co-defendants.

Nicholas Berry, for Mapp, said it had been a long time since the affrays against the child were committed.

He said she was deemed by the probation service to be at low-risk of reoffending.

Jason Aris, for Terry, said his client had been subjected to quite unpleasant domestic abuse at the hands of her father.

Paskin was sentenced to 25 years in prison. His total sentence was 21 years but extended by four years because the judge deemed him dangerous, making a total of 25 years.

Willmott was sentenced to 12 years, receiving 12 year concurrent sentences for the three rapes and a four year concurrent sentence for the indecent assault.

Sexual harm prevention orders were made in relation to Paskin and Willmott.

Terry was jailed for three years. She screamed and repeatedly kicked the door of the dock when the sentence was announced and had to be taken down by several dock officers.

Mapp received 18 month concurrent sentences suspended for two years for the two affrays and must complete 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days.