'Warning over wardens'

SIR - I would just like to warn people of Ombersley Road of parking wardens starting at 7.25am. I got ticketed at that time unloading stuff in to my home.

Gone 5 minutes as I could not park close to my home so I parked on yellow lines. It is so stupid to have people at that time in morning.

Stop wasting tax payers money I could save council money by not starting to 8am. Listen to your people of Worcester instead of doing what you like council.

Mark Ellerker


'Why are we being so cruel?'

SIR – Following the election results and some heartbreaking tragic incidents around the country it has become increasingly obvious that the “haves” in our society have distanced themselves from the “have nots” and their lack of compassion is all too easy for everyone to see!

I have been a further witness to this lack of humanity currently in place in the benefits system.

A man that I know who is in his sixties and in very bad health had recently applied for personal independence payment (PIP).

He has numerous disabilities including an ulcerated leg and breathing problems and I was amazed at the letter he received from Capita PIP asking him to go for an assessment at Edmund House, Birmingham, giving him an appointment time for 8.10am.

He was give three travel itineraries which entailed walking to Worcester’s railway stations (train at 6.30am) and walking from Birmingham station to Edmund House.

This knowing that the claimant has a disability in walking any distance at all.

The letter further stated: “It is important that you go to this appointment. If you fail to go without good reason, the decision maker at the Department for Work and Pensions is likely to refuse your claim.

“You can change the appointment once only.”

In other words it is almost impossible for most individuals in this situation with such medical conditions to be able to attend such an appointment.

Perhaps this is the Government’s intention, a way of preventing individuals from obtaining the benefit they need and deserve in order to lessen the difficulties they face with their medical conditions.

Such harshness and cruelty in our society is evidenced by the growing use of foodbanks and benefit sanctions.

Those in power and in Government must try thinking in terms of the effects on individuals when they come up with a generalised plan for whichever department they’re working in; replace thinking in numbers with thinking in individuals.

Where has the heart gone from our society?

Geraldine Lowman


'Wealth made for the few'

SIR - Regardless of the many hurdles, including the media, we voted in our millions when given a real alternative to the profiteers. People want public-ownership of our institutions and not in the hands of the capitalists.

It’s clear the ‘elites’ will try to carry on as ‘normal’. However, especially the young, have seen through their vulgar representative, May.

Labour should continue to expose the careerists, that seek only privileges and position, and point out their privately educated nonsense, that is holding us all back.

All of us were born to create but not to create wealth for a few. Robin Walker may be visiting the Jobcentre soon – it’s in Farrier Street, Robin.

David Griffiths


'Democratic traitors out'

SIR - First the good news. Nick Clegg and Tim Farron, democratic trainers, are out.

The Conservatives’ biggest mistake was to call a General Election lasting an unbelievable 50 days. This gave Labour more time to bribe the electorate with their fantasy fools paradise money tree.

After 33 days Tories would have won easy. It all went wrong in the last 17 days. In the 1980s Margaret Thatcher and Cecil Parkinson studied voting in May Council elections then said ok let’s go, it was all over in 30 days resulting in victory.

I placed bets on a Tory overall majority and lost and please note cry babies in EU Referendum I did not go back to bookmakers and ask for my money back.

It’s obvious that another democratic traitor has been John Major would have done. This double standard hypocrite only believes in democracy that goes in his favour.

K Hemming


'Money for swan rescue'

SIR - Bishopswood Swan Rescue would like to thank the people of Great Malvern for giving so generously to their street collection on June 17 when the sum of £101.76 was raised to go towards the rescue and rehabilitation of water fowl.

Pauline Burgess


'High Street horrors'

SIR - Please please can somebody from our council tell me what is going on with our high street?

If you are going to spent tax payer money make sure that the work being done is properly supervised just to see we get value for our money.

I walk down the street every morning and see what is going on - it’s a mess. The shop keepers must be so frustrated. In my day a day’s work was at least 8 hrs a day. I suggest a man from the council gets down the street and man manage the work that as been done.. so far it looks like our block paving will disappear and replaced with tarmac patches I think that the shops that have been effected should definitely be compensated.

Mr Victor Duggan