A STALKER cried rape after meeting married men for casual sex, driving some to the brink of suicide and helping destroy their marriages.

Sarah Lewis chatted to soldiers and a fireman on the internet, meeting some for sex before harassing them, and their wives.

The 49-year-old of Middleton Gardens, Long Meadow, Warndon Villages, Worcester, threatened to expose the men to their wives and their employers and also disclosed an intimate image of one of the men to his wife.

Lewis falsely claimed one had given her a sexually transmitted disease and that she was pregnant.

Lewis appeared at Worcester Crown Court via video-link from HMP Eastwood Park after previously admitting five counts of harassment by stalking and one of disclosing private sexual photographs or ‘revenge porn’.

This also placed her in breach of a conditional discharge which she also admitted. She already had two previous convictions for harassment in 2002 and 2003 and another of sending an article which was grossly offensive or indecent in 2014.

Lewis got in contact with the first man via a website for people seeking extra marital affairs, meeting him for sex in a hotel in Cheltenham.

In July Lewis threatened to tell the man’s wife about the affair and he would receive messages which purported to be from the defendant’s friends but were really from her.

Michael Aspinall, prosecuting, said he was ‘pressurised’ to meet her at a hotel in Lichfield on July 23 but the next morning found her photographing his car and threatened to play her ‘ace card’.

The man’s 12-year-old daughter found messages from Lewis on his mobile phone and told her to stay away from her dad. Lewis told the girl her ‘your dad is a sex pest’.

The husband ‘contemplated suicide by walking onto some train tracks’, Mr Aspinall told the court.

On August 15 Lewis sent intimate pictures of the man to his wife. She also set up an online profile using the same photos and called him a rapist.

She harassed another married man last December, into January this year, branding him a ‘disgusting father’, threatening to disclose intimate details about him.

Last December she had sex with a different man at her flat, claiming she felt sick afterwards, before threatening to tell people he had raped her.

Mr Aspinall said: “She said ‘if you leave, I’m going to tell them you raped me’.”

He blocked her number and she immediately called him back on another number, demanding he unblock her and calling him a ‘rapist psycho’.

In January, under the name of Scarlet, she also threatened to share intimate photos of a fireman in his uniform with his boss. He pleaded with her not to, knowing he would be immediately dismissed.

Even though they never met, Lewis also falsely claimed he had touched her daughter’s bottom at a fete.

Lewis contacted the fifth man’s wife, claiming she was pregnant, wanted his pension and that he had given her a sexually transmitted disease.

Belinda Ariss, defending, said Lewis had pleaded guilty at the earliest available opportunity and had been in custody for two months. She said Lewis had a personally disorder.

Miss Ariss added: “She is deeply ashamed and sorry for the harassment she caused to these men and their families. She has had, for many years, low self-esteem and simply wanted to be loved.”

Judge Nicolas Cartwright made a restraining order in relation to the 11 people affected by Lewis, including the men, their wives, and a child. This will last for 10 years or until further order.

He said: “Your behaviour could be described as unpleasant, predatory and threatening. You used a man’s 12-year-old daughter as a pawn in this process, telling her that her dad was a sex pest. You did that in order to get at him.”

Some of the offences were also committed on bail and she used ‘multiple identities’.

“In relation to the impact on the victims it was profound in each case. One man became depressed and suicidal. His family has been broken up.”

Judge Cartwright also said another man’s marriage had ended while another suffered anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. The firefighter had to leave his dream job.He sentenced her to a total of 21 months, suspended for two years.

This included eight months in prison for harassment and revenge porn against the first victim. For the other four harassment offences he imposed 12 months on each to run concurrently but consecutively to the eight months, making 20 months. He added a consecutive month for the breach of the conditional discharge, making 21 months which he suspended for two years.

Lewis must also complete 15 days of a rehabilitation activity requirement and receive mental health treatment for two years.