A MOTHER has complained about 'ludicrous' fart noises coming out of megaphones in a car park.

Lucy Grinnell, aged 43, said the 'whoopie cushion' megaphones have disturbed her daughter's sleep.

The devices are attached to poles in Blackpole Retail Park, in Worcester, and are normally used to deter boy racers, according to locals.

But recently they appear to malfunction, broadcasting loud 'fart' noises every 30 seconds.

Ms Grinnell, of Blackpole, in Worcester, said: "I live opposite the retail park.

"We went to bed aware of a peculiar noise. It had been going on all day and all night.

"It's such a nuisance. It's an incessant noise every 30 seconds for 24-hours-a-day. It's like a whoopie cushion.

"It's like a farting noise, it's ludicrous. When you've got to live with it, it's not funny anymore.

"We went over to source where it was coming from. It's a megaphone on the lamppost outside Currys.

"It's supposed to be a deterrent to stop boy racers gathering in the car park."

Ms Grinnell's nine-year-old daughter, Madison, has also been kept awake at night by the noises.

She said: "It was waking me up every half an hour. My friend over the road said he could hear it all the time."

Ms Grinnell says the noises have now stopped and the family are hoping that they do not return.

She had complained about the issue to Worcester City Council, but was told that the megaphones have nothing to do with them.

A council spokesman said: "I can confirm that Worcestershire Regulatory Services have not installed such equipment, and would not do so in any case.

"An officer has been out to investigate, but there was no such noise at the time of his visit.

"The officer will make contact with Ms Grinnell again to determine whether the noise has ceased for good."

JLL, the company in charge of the park, was approached for comment.