PUPILS held a 'global celebration' to mark the end of a three-year project at Great Malvern Primary School.

The project title was ‘Connecting pupils to the European Space' and pupils worked with teachers and children from Spain, Croatia, Turkey, Poland, Romania and Greece.

The children in all of these schools used multimedia to exchange information about their homes, schools, local and national areas, festivals and traditional food.

These resources for the Erasmus project were made available to teachers, children and school communities via the website erasmusproject.co.uk.

Ev Henderson, assistant headteacher, said: "The global celebration was an opportunity to celebrate the success of the project and also to celebrate the strong link between Malvern’s primary schools and primary schools in Tanga in Tanzania.

"A group of 17 Tanzanian teachers have been visiting local primary schools Great Malvern, Hanley Swan, The Wyche, St James, Somerspark, Northleigh and Malvern Parish.

"Activities include African drumming, dancing, cooking and sports.

"The link is now in its ninth year and is stronger than ever."

The Tanzanian visitors performed to guests at the global celebration, singing their national anthem and impressing the audience with their dancing.