'Call this a shopping centre?'

SIR - How can the Cathedral Plaza redevelopment be classed as a ‘shopping centre’? (Thursday 29th, page 5) There’s one new shop, a Wilko, which is hardly a day out.

We were promised a new shopping experience and instead we have a generic food court.

The development could’ve bought in some big name clothing outlets to give people a real reason to go into the town.

We’ve lost Burton/Dorothy Perkins recently and I noticed the Superdry store in House of Fraser is gone.

We don’t have an Apple outlet, the John Lewis led retail park was binned, and I could go on.

Case in point: Why do we need an Ask?

There’s already a Pizza Express and Zizzi’s on the plaza, and locals only go out to restaurants so many times a year.

People don’t come from further a field to go to a restaurant they undoubtedly have within 20 miles of them already...

Mr Matty Philpotts


'Wasted EU billions'

Sir - Stop the Money!  Blame for the tragic deaths in Grenfell Tower does not lie with the local authority, but with successive British governments under Heath, Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron and May who have spent the equivalent of £219 billion pounds per year on EU membership – plus Foreign Aid totalling £6.5 trillion since 1973.  Very serious money!

The Armed Forces, Police, Fire and NHS services have been scandalously underfunded as taxpayer’s money has haemorrhaged abroad.

Even the decision to LEAVE, has not stopped the £60 million per day going to Brussels, or the rise in the National Debt!

If we are leaving the Club – why are we still paying memberships fees?  £60 million in just one day would go a very long way, here at home!

Stanley Parr


'Inspirational hospital'

SIR - Particularly at this moment in time, it is important to remember that for every act of cruelty and undermining nastiness from a minority, there are many millions of people who are constantly breaking down the dividing wall of hostility, empathising and helping others, irrespective of their origins.

An inspirational and redeeming light in the recent national gloom is the BBC Television series on St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington.

The first programme of the second series showed how the hospital dealt with victims of the Westminster Bridge atrocity.

Bewilderingly, the first patient through the door of A &E was the perpetrator.

In this NHS hospital are world class consultants, surgeons, nurses and key support staff, from a multitude of nations, including our own.

They have chosen to work in London as members of what can only be called a miraculous team, albeit under tremendous pressure, in almost impossible circumstances, but still producing unselfish and magnificent results.

St. Mary’s is a model for a true ‘Vision of Albion’, and dare I say it, over and above politics and religion which have, throughout history, always been corrupted.

Peter Smith


'Embrace the festival spirit'

SIR - I want to point out some of the fabulous things happening in Evesham.

Our Festival of Words is in its second year and attracted names like Prue Leith, and Sunday Times best-selling author, Susan Lewis.

The Festival attracted interest from all over the country - helping to put Evesham on the map. There was something for everyone in the programme, including a full day of free events for children.

But Evesham has so much more - it really is a town of festivals. We just had asparagus, morris dancing and music.

We have the Port Street Fayre, River and Angling Festivals coming up, and many others.

These events all take a lot of time for the dedicated volunteers - it really is a labour of love. So embrace the festival spirit.

Dr Sue Ablett

Chair Evesham Festival of Words

'Come and join Guards'

SIR - I would like to thank Mike Pryce for the excellent article about the Grenadier Guards in last Saturday’s paper (24th June).  To add on to this article could I extend the following message to any  ex-Grenadiers living in Worcestershire and Herefordshire?

The Grenadier Guards Association meet on the first Tuesday evening every other months and we would love to hear from them.

 Any  other ex-military personnel, who do not have local access to their own association, are also very welcome to attend our meetings and events.

Contact me for further details on grenguardsworcs@gmail.com.

Veronica Baylis

Branch Secretary, Worcester and Hereford Grenadier Guards Association

'Oh the sheer irony of it'

SIR - IT was interesting to see Jeremy Corbyn addressing David Green (vice-chancellor, University of Worcester) about social issues during the election campaign (Daily Telegraph).

David Green is one of the highest paid vice chancellors in the UK (salary £300-£350K). All that was missing was the champagne.

For good measure vice chancellor Green has the 7th biggest gap among all universities in the UK between his salary and that of his employees (Times higher education supplement).

The irony men indeed.

Angela Meadows

Stratford upon Avon