'Well done on Pitmaston'

SIR - I would like to commend the conservative councillors, particularly cllr Alan Amos for defeating the proposals for development of Pitmaston Park.

This park has been treasured by the public for the best part of a century allowing young families and alike to use free of charge.

I am therefore, perplexed and at a loss as to why the Green Party were so eager to vote in favour of its annexation.

Not only destroying a treasured and much-loved park but, also denying the public access to, what has always been an area that has been open to them for decades.

Ripping the green lung from this area would marginalise many people leaving them with nowhere to go for recreational purposes such as impromptu sports that the park is regularly used for.

Cllrs Laurenson and Stephen have undermined their own authority as councillors and shown themselves to be hypocrites and far from a green I would therefore, implore the Green Party to refrain from publishing anymore righteous diatribes about how treacherous other parties are when they cannot be trusted.

The have demonstrated that they are not only hypocrites and deceitful but like a chameleon they have the ability to change colour, always red.

Joe Amos


'Our MPs voted disgracefully'

SIR - Yet again Worcestershire has been woefully represented by its MPs, all of whom have just voted to freeze/cap the pay of policemen, firemen, paramedics and NHS staff for the 8th year running.

This effectively means that public sector workers are having to tolerate another pay cut. Conservative MPs have praised emergency service workers for their response to recent disasters but we should judge these MPs on their actions not their words.

Their vote to effectively cut the pay of the brave individuals who look after us every day shows their true appreciation and understanding of public service.

To think that this vote took place days after £1.5 billion in public money was found to ensure DUP support for continued austerity! To think that they actually cheered when the result of the vote was announced! These MPs are a disgrace: time to go.

Neil Laurenson

Worcester Green Party

'Blame cruelty on America'

SIR- Geraldine Lowman writes to ask why we are being so cruel (WN 28.06.17).

For an answer we just have to listen to the talk across the Atlantic. In summary, everyone deserves to be exactly where they are in life. Elderly and disabled people or their families should have made provision for themselves and not looked to the government to help them.

The poor should have worked harder at school, bettered themselves, or been more ambitious. The rich, however, deserve all they have as a reward for their hard work and financial wisdom, and so on.

Yes, this philosophy is harsh, but like most things American we seem to adopt it with little question.

Derek Fearnside


'Did you see Floyd here?'

SIR - I am researching a book about psychedelic rockers Pink Floyd, famed for their 1979 hit ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ and their fabulous stage effects, including the inflatable pig Algie who once slipped his moorings at Battersea Power Station and flew off across London.

Before selling out arenas around the world, Pink Floyd started out playing smaller venues, including a performance in Malvern at the Winter Gardens in March 1967.

I’m interested in capturing people’s memories of these gigs for posterity. I’d love to hear from anyone who saw them in their early career and I can be reached at isawpinkfloyd@gmail.com.

Richard Houghton

Author: The Who - I Was There

1 Totnes Road, Manchester, M21 8XF

'Trump needs a hair cut'

SIR - I am probably not alone in regarding Mr. Trump’s somewhat unpleasant amd aggressive tweeting as unhelpful and un-presidental.  Less seriously I suppose there is little chance of a sensible haircut before the unwelcome state visit ...?

Wendy Hands


'Well said to Mr Jones'

SIR - At last a local councillor speaks out for the people he represents , many many thanks Mr Jones for your perfect description as to why a stadium should not be built at Perdeswell .

The land is currently used by countless people for all sports not just one and must remain so . Further to this and not yet even considered , this is the only flat green space that allows access for the disabled this side of the river .

I would also add that after reading the story regarding WFC current financial situation, perhaps the persons who are looking to remove this open green tranquil space , should set there sights as low as the clubs league status and remain where they are, SOMEWHERE ELSE!.

Dave Clayton