'Spend money on Shrub Hill'

SIR - What very good news about the new Railway Station at Kidderminster, a show case for the Severn Valley Railway.

But what about Shrub Hill Station? Still no passenger lift, surely this main line station deserves modernising.

Old people are told to cross by the barrow crossing, a very good walk. To see even young people with heavy suitcases, and mums with prams struggling up the stairs. I know other passengers are very kind and help, but this should not be normal.

Hereford Station has in the last year got one, and Kidderminster has one too. Come on whoever holds the purse strings lets do it. NOW.

Rob Smallman


'A Faithful or filthy city?'

SIR - Worcester was known as the faithful city, but at the moment I would call it the filthy city.

Over the past few years the street in the town centre have been re-paved in very nice paving slabs at great expense and pleasure to walk on.

But now it is a depressing experience and tend to avoid going to town, as everybody knows being cause by the ever increasing population of seagulls and pigeons, also chewing gum.

But what is prominent is the putrid acidic faeces from the birds covering the street and also the walls and windows of buildings. every spring they return nesting on the highest building out of reach of pest control.

Rain won’t wash this mess away and so high pressure cleaning machines have to be used and the council cut backs there is not enough man power to get it under control, which is ongoing.

As they are a protected birds perhaps they could be given a sleeping sedative, round them up and ship them out to a remote island in the pacific, far enough so they are unable to navigate their way back to Worcester.

Mr John Whithead


'I smell a rat over tickets'

SIR - Some of my friends who are regular Three Choirs Festival goers are complaining that they could not book tickets for the Dream of Gerontius even on the first day tickets were supposed to be made available.

Smelling a rat, I did a quick search of the internet to find that the following companies seem to be offering tickets to said concert as part of a holiday package deal, viz, ACE Cultural Tours, kirkerholidays, hf holidays, John Wibley “Holidays with Music” and Saga. There will be others.

I take a dim view of this, in so far as it prohibits loyal attenders from ever doing so again if this impersonal trend continues.

A statement about this from those responsible is called for as it goes against what I have always taken to be the spirit of the Three Choirs Festival.

Dr Edward Reeves


'I’ve nothing but praise'

SIR - I recently had occasion to be admitted to the Royal Worcestershire hospital due to a bleeding ulcer.

As soon as I was put in a side ward I was surrounded by medical staff and sent to have a camera put down which identified the rogue ulcer.

I spent six days recovering and relying on the staff for washing and personal care. I cannot speak highly enough of all the staff I came into contact with.

I’ve read recently morale is low due to the Royal being in special measures but you would never know from the staff.

They always had a smile and a joke to tell. They work exceedingly hard under pressure. I have nothing but praise for them.

They are the ground staff who keep the cogs turning in the bigger wheel. My heartfelt thanks to you all.

Rosemary Webley


'Old fashioned new homes'

SIR - Recently I had the dubious pleasure of walking past the new development of housing called ‘Cherry Tree Park’ on Ombersley Rd in Worcester.

I was astounded that the houses seem identical to designs built in the 1980s. Where is the imagination, where is the innovation, where are the solar panels and the ground source heat pumps?

If we must have new builds on the outskirts of our cities then at least let us make them interesting and sustainable.

Jane Moorhouse


'Chameleon? - that’s rich'

SIR - In response to Joe Amos’ letter in the Worcester News (7/7/17) regarding Pitmaston Park - he casually insulted me in relation to a matter I have had absolutely no dealings with.

Also, is he actually related to Cllr Alan Amos? In which case, should we be surprised that he has written a letter in praise of him?

And even if he is not related to Cllr Amos (or, indeed, Cllr Amos’ brother Bill, who allegedly forgot that he used to be a member of the Labour Party), how can he accuse anyone of being deceitful and a ‘chameleon’ without referring to Cllr Amos’ switch to the Tories to become Mayor?

If Joe Amos is truly unhappy with either myself or Cllr Stephen, we would be more than happy to meet him.

Cllr Neil Laurenson

St. Stephen ward

'We must live in our means'

SIR - In reply to July 6th letter, from Ms R Miller, I suggest that all the cuts in public services stem from the credit crunch of 2007/08.

Our government today is still trying to balance the books after this banking crisis where millions of tax payers money was paid to shore up the banks.

Who was responsible, the bankers, pocketing bonuses and giving out mortgages to people who hadn’t the means to repay them and collecting obscene commissions for their greed.

Who was Prime Minister at this time, a certain Gordon Brown, who said “no more boom and bust.” What happened to our housing market, yes a boom and bust. Who was Chancellor of the Exchequer 10 years previously, yes Gordon Brown, who had no idea what was about to happen.

Vince Cable had the foresight. When at last the Conservatives got in wasn’t a note left in the treasury department “no more money left.”

Yes, hard times for a lot of people. No one can live beyond their means and the government must reduce the deficit otherwise it will lead to another banking crisis and unknown austerity.

Jane Bayliss

Severn Stoke

'Speeders are a danger'

SIR - Following numerous telephone calls to the police and communication with our local MP, we still despair at the noise of speeding motorcycles.

They are flaunting all speed limits in our area. My guess over 100mph in 30 limits.

The police want us to take note of their number plates, approximate speeds and times of day of each incident.

If we all take part and dial 101 and tell the police,( then they are in a position to collate the information with existing data they already have), and bring these irresponsible people to book.

Hopefully before they kill someone or themselves.

Mr K Paridge


'Coucillor’s narrow view'

SIR - Gareth Jones at least has the merit of being consistent in his opposition to the proposed Stadium.

However, the case he makes in his letter 6 July cannot be left unchallenged.

He quotes Item 123 point 4 from the Regional Planning Policy Framework and concludes the terms of that “Says it all”.

With respect it does not. The number alone indicates this is a bulky document. There are actually 219 Items plus Appendices and a glossary.

Picking out one short paragraph and saying we need look no further than that beggars belief.

How the application squares with the terms of the overall document is surely the issue for the Planning Committee.

There are many people who would dispute the view that this is a precious green open space. I’m not getting into that debate here.

I’m simply suggesting that the whole issue should be considered objectively in the round and not as narrowly as Mr Jones’ letter suggests.

Peter Clarke