'Love Island is just revolting'

SIR -I am astonished at the way we are bringing up our young nowadays.

They are encouraged to aspire to dim wits like those on ‘Love Island’, thinking it’s ok jump into bed with one person after another, no self respect !! Revolting!

It’s ok to lounge around in a villa in the hot sun looking like an Adonis getting paid thousands!!

While in reality no one who works hard for a living looks that way! What message are we giving to the younger generations making the feel inferior.

Where are the inspirational doctors, nurses, police officers talking at schools encouraging the younger ones!! We desperately need inspiration for them before it’s too late and we become a nation of lazy lay abouts and thickos!!

Is this what our forefathers fought for??

Paula Clayton


'Channel 4 should move'

SIR - In its response to the Government’s Nation and Regions Consultation, Channel 4 appears to be doing its best to stay put in its London comfort zone.

In a hefty document, it outlines the case for why it should remain in the capital, offering the reasoning that it already invests heavily in the regions.

All 46 pages can be boiled down to the following: ‘We’d really rather not head north, thank you very much.’  It cites, amongst other things, the risk of losing advertising revenue and not getting the right staff.

Really? How sad. How very short-sighted. And how wrong.

The West Midlands has submitted a joint response with four possible locations identified as a future home for Channel 4. They are Coventry’s Friargate project; UK Central, in Solihull; DY5, in Dudley; and Digbeth, in Birmingham.

Each has merit, and is worthy of consideration. Instead, it appears Channel Four is choosing to pull up the drawbridge.

As Culture Secretary Karen Bradley has already stated, the benefits of Channel 4 should be spread far and wide, not just in London, and that means rethinking where it is based, and where it spends money.

There is a great deal of creative talent here in the West Midlands; we are a cultural and economic region with a wealth of vision and ambition - and should not be overlooked.

The West Midlands offers the ideal opportunity for Channel 4. It could thrive, prosper - and the region stands ready to work shoulder to shoulder in partnership with them to make sure the move is a success.

Be bold Channel 4. Be as bold as you always said you would be. Come to the West Midlands and see what we have to offer. We promise we don’t bite!

Anthea McIntyre

Conservative MEP for the West Midlands

'Thee Choirs reassurance'

SIR - I write to provide the response requested in Edward Reeves’ letter of 13 July regarding the availability of tickets to the Three Choirs Festival.

I would like to reassure Dr Reeves and his friends that we cap the number of tickets that can be secured by tour companies, so that the vast majority of seating in all areas of the cathedral is available to individual customers.

We do, like many other venues and festivals, operate a membership scheme that gives priority booking to subscribers, among whom The Dream of Gerontius proved to be a particularly popular event as soon as member booking opened.

Nonetheless, more than 200 tickets were available on the morning of public sale.

I am sorry to hear that Dr Reeves and his friends were disappointed on this occasion, but there are still tickets available to a range of events that I hope your readers will find enticing and musically enriching.

We value the support of our local audience as well as the thousands of visitors the festival attracts to the city each year, without whom we could not stage an event of such scale and quality.

Dr Alexis Paterson


'Carnival was rewarding'

SIR- May I take this opportunity to thank the people of Worcester for their overwhelming support of this year’s carnival. The turnout was better than we could ever have expected, the weather was amazing and more importantly, everyone had a wonderful day.

My sincere thanks also to all the businesses, community groups and individuals who gave freely of their time & resources to make the carnival a reality.

It is a mammoth job, but the committee rose to the task and they deserve nothing but praise too. We are all volunteers and the appreciation of Worcester’s citizens and visitors has certainly been reward enough.

As many will know, the Carnival was in memory of my good friend and stalwart of the city, Mike Layland and I feel certain that we have done proud his legacy of running the old carnival for 27 years. Congratulations to Perdiswell Young People’s Leisure Club who took home the first ever Mike Layland Memorial Trophy for best float.

I can’t wait to welcome everyone back on July 7th next year when things will be even bigger and better!

Cllr Alan Feeney

Worcester Carnival President

'Kick Poland out of EU'

SIR - How   amazing,  that  Poland is happy for  its  people to spread across  the EU, especially Great Britain,  but when it comes to taking migrants  - it refuses?

Poland should be made  to take its share or be booted  out of the EU and take all its  citizens  back. They can’t have their cake and eat it.

B. Ellis