'People, not homes, are the problem'

SIR - Re John Phillpott “When do we reach saturation point?” (on housebuilding), the “Geniuses” John Phillpott wrote of didn’t respond, which doesn’t surprise me. I’ve written about “Development” for decades, and warned of its consequences.

And with 20 million jobs about to be destroyed by robotic technologies, the question of where the money is coming from to buy these millions of new houses seems to be deserving of an answer.

Our problem isn’t “Housing:” its population. As I have written previously there are far too many of us. Even the BBC admits one in eight of those now living here were born abroad.

Add in their children and it’s one in six of us. Add in the three million now living here illegally and it becomes one in four of us.

This diabolical lack of forethought by our MP’s and Councillors will become catastrophic for today’s children. They are the one whose lives are going to be cut short by the gross overpopulation of our nation.

Every species is limited by the available food supply. We are no different.

By mid-century the global population of ten billion or more will be facing disastrous food shortages and starvation.

Atmospheric Co2 levels will exceed 450ppm and catastrophic climate changes will devastate global farming, whilst marine species will collapse, as our oceans warm and become increasingly acidic.

Our oceans are also filling with plastic that is entering the marine food chain, which will also lead to species extinction. By mid-century the northern Polar Icecap won’t exist during summer, which means Greenland’s ice will be disappearing, as will the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet.  That ultimately means a rise of some 45 feet (15 metres) in sea levels, which would add 15 feet to average river levels at Worcester, and 40 feet at high tide.

This is the future our MPs and councillors are creating for Worcester’s children, as they steadily concrete over farmland for the “Growth,” which will prematurely end our children’s lives.

As John Phillpott wrote: “Geniuses!”

N Taylor


'He ran off with the maid'

SIR - I am trying to find the family of my GGG grandfather.

He married Susanah Osborne born 1838 in Whittington Worc. father John Osborne (stepfather John Mason) mother Elizabeth Partridge. They married at Norton juxta Kempsley april 1857.

Susannah previously worked for John Pigeon Cottrill and his wife Jane Brookholding Jones in Crowle.

The family story is Susannah the pregnant family maid married the (a) son of the family she worked for Charles Jones. They came to Australia and were here in October 1857.

Unfortunately Charles has given different ages, places of birth and parents names over the years. What seems probable is his father was a cordwainer (shoemaker) and his mother may have had some connection to nobility or wealth.

I think he may have been born around 1825 - 29. Charles may have been only one of his names (eg Frederick Charles Henry Jones) Jones maybe hyphenated with something else even.

I suspect the Jones family maybe connected to Jane Brookholding Jones.

His children were Maryanne, Harry, Alice Jane, Frederick, Eva and Alfred. Maryanne and Alfred died as babies and Susannah in 1872.

So if you have a family member who ran off with the maid or are from Susannah’s side and know anything please help.

Myself and others have been trying to find Charles’ origins for years.

Sue Faux

POB 2615 Mildura

Victoria 3502 Australia


'No tolerance of austerity'

SIR - Prime Minister Theresa May has asked the Labour opposition to work with her Government towards getting the best deal on Brexit. I would say that this will be done where Labour considers she is working in the Nation’s interest.

I was appalled at her speech on the steps of Downing Street when she castigated the EU on our decision (not theirs) to leave the EU. It sounded to me that she was declaring war on Germany, France, Italy, Ireland and the rest. It was very, very bad.

Now, because of her losses and Labour’s gains at the General Election, she has had to climb down from her arrogant position. Words are cheap.

If she is serious, she will have to cease her constant personal attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, our Labour Leader.

I do not think she will be able to do that. Labour’s Manifesto “For the Many, Not the Few”, was properly costed on Europe and everything else, including the NHS, Education, Student Grants, Housing, Public Services etc.

Her own Manifesto will have to be virtually discarded if Mrs May expects Labour’s co-operation. That will not be difficult. Her Manifesto was not costed. Austerity will not be tolerated by Labour.

Nigel Knowles

Leader of the Labour Group – Wyre Forest District Council

'Carnival pride'

SIR - May I offer my congratulations to Alan Feeney and the committee and all the crew for wonderful carnival, they worked so hard and Mike Layland would have been so proud. Thank you again.

Joyce Fisher