'Police need more protection'

SIR - I found it disgusting that three police officers were assaulted in Worcester in a single night recently as reported in the Worcester News article on the 14th July.

One officer required hospital treatment after being bitten.

These are public servants carrying out their duties.  My great grandfather served in the local constabulary after WW1 and was a police sergeant based in Malvern during WW2.

Our police officers need better protection on the job and need backing up by our legal system.

It’s not enough just to equip our officers with pepper sprays, stab vests and tasers anymore in a changing society; stronger penalties for assaulting officers are also required.

 I call for longer sentences and mandatory sentencing for attacks against police officers with no possibility of early release/parole.

I also propose larger fines for not co-operating with the police or for wasting police time.   I shall be writing to Worcester’s MP Robin Walker, asking him to consider my proposals.

Paul Hickling

UKIP Worcester

'A drama at the drama'

SIR - I would like to thank the ambulance service for the superb professionalism and speed it displayed in response to the 999 call during Sunday’s performance of Charley’s Aunt at the Commandery.

One of the audience collapsed into a diabetic coma and an emergency call was made.

Within three or four minutes, two paramedics literally ran on to the field and started to administer treatment.

An ambulance with a stretcher was only two minutes behind and the gentleman was moved into the ambulance for treatment to continue.

He made a complete recovery and went home rather than to hospital.

Thanks also to the two medically trained members of the audience who stepped in until the emergency services arrived.

I believe the swift action by all involved may have saved a life.

The audience and cast waited patiently while the drama unfolded, the show picked up where it left off, and finished to huge applause.

As a different playwright once wrote, ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’.

Chris Jaeger MBE

Worcester Live

'Lady needs a sharp turn'

SIR - George Eaton writes in the New Statesman that Austerity bites.

He refers to after the coalition’s austerity programme which  began in 2010;  cabinet ministers often boasted of their success.

They said that the Government was managing to do “more with less”.  One no longer hears such confident assertions.  In 2017 the UK still has a budge deficit of £52bn and austerity’s costs are increasingly visible.

Many Tory MPs attribute their party’s underperformance to public anger over strained schools and hospitals.

Although Mrs. May broke with austerity in rhetoric, she did not do so in practice.

The public sector pay cap of 1% and the freeze in working-age benefits until 20 20 were maintained.

The extra £8bn.which the Conservatives promised for the NHS would still lead to a £12bn funding gap according to the Health Foundation.

School spending per pupil would fall by 3% by 2021-22.

Thoughtful Tories such as May’s former aide Nick Timothy and her policy board chair, George Freeman recognised the Brexit vote as a symptom of national discontent.

Yet she failed to  take the opportunity to break with austerity in deed rather than merely word.

The loss of their parliamentary majority and multiple crises may yet force them to do so.

It is unfortunate that Ms. May has acquired the description of “Maybot”;  sadly she succumbs to platitudes which suggests a lack of confidence;  thankfully “strong and stable” has bitten the dust.

Can we Pro-Brexiteers count on her determination to stand her ground in Brussels with the valuable help of David Davis and Philip Hammond pending her agreement to stand down?

This lady should turn before it is too late.

Wendy Hands


'Motorway is dangerous'

SIR - I am having to write to warn of a dangerous feature of the M5 motorway between Droitwich and Worcester North, where it has been extended to four lanes but NO HARD SHOULDER.

I was nearly killed on Saturday 8th July PM when travelling in the inside lane.

I had to brake harshly as a car had broken down in front of me.

I was unable to pull round it due to volume and speed of traffic on my offside, so was stuck behind it hoping vehicles were not going to hit me from behind at speed.

This could have caused a very serious pile up.

I was there for a good few minutes until I could pull around it from stationary, again very dangerous on a motorway.

It is not even a “smart” motorway where lanes can be closed off, the lack of hard shoulder is extremely dangerous and I think only a matter of time before someone is killed.

I think this should be raised via your publication, to warn others of the danger, and hopefully for the Highways Agency to rectify it ASAP.

Steve Davies