'Watch the Remoaners' tricks'

SIR - A year on the shrill voice of the ‘elites’ speak - Vince Cable says we may now never leave the EU, so much for democracy, which of course they have never liked.

A demonstration in Worcester by ‘Remainers’ revealed views such as we won’t be able to get the workers we need.

This to me indicates the dark heart of the EU - selfishness.

Those that voted out did so for reasons the ‘elites’ don’t like mentioned.

For may it represents a vile club, run by ‘business’ types on disgustingly huge salaries, that force us to accept their greed agenda.

For example, EU ‘law’ rules make it illegal to nationalise our public services and its obsession with competition but never for the parasites at the ‘top’.

Watch now as they try every trick to keep to enslave us to the fascistic corporate take-over.

Don’t trust a word they babble.

Dave Griffiths


'Give the City a chance'

SIR - As a football supporter of the football club I think the councillors of Worcester are unfair to Worcester City Football Club.

This situation has one on too long it needs to be sorted once and for all, it should never been left to now.

Perdiswell is supposed to be for all sports so why not let Worcester City Football Club have it?

You the councillors help the other sports like cricket, rugby club when they needed help plus at the moment in time all you seem to help is the students so to make yourself look good.

Bring the football club back to Worcester where it belongs.

As a supporter I feel all of you, or most of you, do not like football or want to give the club a chance to prove you lot are wrong and we can make a success.

So come on and give the club a chance.

Miss J A Griffin


'How will the road cope?'

SIR -I see Kimal is having a unit built at Sixways. Does this mean an increase in the 5000 jobs promised or does it count toward them?

How many total jobs will they bring? How will junction 6 of the M5 cope. It cannot cope now and after the hundreds of households in Droitwich will any traffic move?

Paul Chandler


'Head seems confused'

SIR - I noted with interest reports from parents of Hanley Castle High School that their Head Teacher had written to them asking for cash contributions towards text books and staffing costs.

Was this the same Head Teacher who featured in Hariott Baldwin’s campaign leaflet during the last election?

Am I the only person in Malvern utterly bemused by this?

In any case, I do hope the parents of Hanley Castle students will despatch a stream of sternly worded rejoinders to this confused and beleaguered Head.

Lou Lowton


'Immigration hypocrisy'

SIR - I was recently taken into Worcester Royal Hospital on an emergency basis.

I must say that, despite many published criticisms, I was treated with the utmost speed, skill, kindness and respect.

There were a lot of foreigners in the hospital though. One did my X-ray, one took my blood for tests.

Another took me to my ward.

Several were doctors who gave me excellent care.

I wonder how many people who voted to leave the EU because of its immigration policy have been treated by these ‘foreigners’.

I wonder if they don’t feel a whiff of hypocrisy when in the hands of these wonderful people?

Whilst I am on the subject, do not people see the hypocrisy of employing doctors and nurses from, often, Third World Countries, who have paid for their training and lost them to our NHS.

Thus subsidising our Government who are not able to recruit suitable candidates for these vital jobs due to the ineptitude of the people who comprise these governments.

Terry James

Drakes Broughton

'Ignore Blair bletherings'

SIR - I note that Mr. Blair has again tried to interfere in the referendum result by claiming that he has spoken with many European leaders who have most kindly said that they would welcome Britain back into the Union if we want to halt Brexit proceedings.

On whose authority has Mr. B. had such discussions and what are his real motives?

The British people have voted quite clearly and our preference is unquestionable.

All power to David Davis and his assistants. Not for the first time Bletherings need to be ignored.

Wendy Hands