'Pricing needs to be flexible'

SIR - With Worcestershire Rapids’ game against Derbyshire recently barely attracting a half-full New Road, where is the future for the competition which promised to revolutionise cricket?

I was at the T20 game against Leicestershire and that wasn’t a sell-out either.

Given the fact the club charges £22 to attend each T20, why didn’t they drop the price for the mid-week game, whose TV coverage showed gaping banks of empty seats remarked on by commentator, Robert Key?

I didn’t see any marketing in town or hear any broadcasting advertising, perhaps offering a family ticket, much like the Warriors do?

If clubs can’t even fill grounds for T20, what hope is there for the other formats of the game, which attract even fewer punters through the gates?

As New Road doesn’t have lights they are forced to start at 17:30. and £22 is a lot to pay if you can only get there at 18:30 after work.

But a start may be to drop ticket prices to ££10 and see a far fuller ground and better atmosphere, not to mention an increase in club coffers from food, drink and merchandise.

Simon Warburton


'We need faith in people'

SIR - I went shopping in Asda, Pershore.

I was hungry and I really went to town – ice cream, wine, chocolate and, of course, broccoli and beans.

I had a lovely and expensive time.

I got to the till with my favourite singing till person and, of course, I joined in.

We had a laugh and then it was my turn for my goods to be counted.

I searched my handbag for my cards and it suddenly dawned on me that  they were at home, sitting on the coffee table.

I pulled out my cheque book but was told it wouldn’t be accepted. What was I to do?

The gentleman behind me in the queue asked what  the problem was and the ‘singer’ told him.

He immediately said, “I will pay with my card and you can write a cheque out to me.”

What a star! I have even forgotten his name.

But thank you, Mr S, wherever you are.

Folks, never lose faith in humankind. There are some lovely people out there.

Janet Wortley


'Patients are being failed'

SIR, As a GP Principal for over 20 years in Malvern I know the way the NHS is working locally and so do my patients.

Our patients continually pay tribute to my colleagues in General Practice and also in the Hospital service.

The one service they say is failing them consistently is the Community Mental Health Team in Malvern.

Recent catastrophes of care have prompted this letter.

Dr. James Mather

GP Principal, New Court Surgery,Malvern

'I’m just a sad nobody'

SIR - My new poem.

"I’m Just a Sad Nobody":

Someone famous kills themselves and people loudly start to cry

It’s such a shame that another really cool star, suddenly has to die

Of course it’s dreadful yet they’re not people you actually ever knew

But what about the visible person suffering, sitting right next to you

The boss at work, your neighbour or your very own child

We often dismiss their sadness as being something kind of mild

Do we ask them those questions that we maybe should ask?

While they’re good at hiding, daily, behind a fake happy mask

Or do we choose to NOT ask about things WE don’t want to know

Or to have THEM reply and take you to the darkest place THEY go

Is it safer for US to live life avoiding THEIR deep sad state?

After all he’s NOT a star, JUST a colleague, neighbour, child or a mate.

Doesn’t he matter MORE because we know what he tells us

He’s not a vague celestial celebrity on a far away tour bus.

I know that ALL human life’s important and life IS death’s preliminary

But we won’t all be remembered eternally in an expensive cemetery

We should know that fame and money can’t always buy us happiness

But it certainly cushions many from the daily grind and depressing blackness

Please spare a thought for the every day people who don’t have a real fan base

Who hide their miserable existence with lies and a constant pretend happy face.

Claire Badsey


'I hate Love Island too'

SIR - How I agree with Paula Clayton’s sentiments as per her letter in which she refers to a ‘reality’ programme on television called “Love Island” where a Marcel Somerville is appearing.

 I feel desperately sorry for our young people today having to grow up in a world full of sex and violence and actually being ENCOURAGED to aspire to the likes of people such as Marcel Somerville and the disgusting television programmes we are expected to accept!

When will it end!!!?

Wendy Lawson