THE Worcester News has launched a campaign to highlight and promote the best of the city and surrounding area.

Our aim is to explain why it's a great place in which to live, work and do business.

Here Editor Peter John explains what it's all about.

IT'S time to be positive about Worcester.

(See our 12-page supplement showcasing our great city here)

Sometimes it seems all too easy to be negative about the city, and those of us who live or work here are often first in the queue to run the place down.

Indeed the newspaper is often accused of being negative.

Our job is to let people know what is going on, and that means the rough and the smooth.

But it does NOT mean that we don't believe Worcester is generally a great place with a fantastic array of historic and new, and a great future if we all pull together.

Of course Worcester has its problems. But so does every city.

Negativity breeds negativity – and we think it's time to change that, hence the We're Backing Worcester campaign.

Worcester is packed with potential but there is also plenty of uncertainty following the result of the EU referendum.

Whichever way you voted, we are convinced that the future prosperity of our city lies in working together for a better future.

So today we start the process of talking Worcester up with a series of supplements and daily pages and an online and social media campaign aimed at putting the city into its true context and bringing only the positive and exciting news.

We have one of the best performing local economies in the country, we have exciting infrastructure projects on stream like the Worcestershire Parkway station at Norton and the dualling of Carrington Bridge.

We have a vibrant city centre which is seeing major investment.

We have a beautiful city with old buildings, the winding river, a simply lovely Cathedral, great public areas and great sporting venues.

We have a university which is thriving and helping to develop the local economy as it expands.

We have cutting edge technological businesses and great schools performing well for our children's futures.

Worcester can have it all, as long it stays confident and we work together towards its brightest future.

I'm proud that our campaign is being sponsored by the key players in the city's future - the University of Worcester, the City Council, the County Council, the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership,Worcestershire Ambassadors and Handelsbanken.

Like any other employer, the Worcester News wants to see the city flourish. It is good for us, good for our staff, and good for the tens of thousands of people who read the paper in print and online every week.

And if we – and those supporting our campaign – do not shout about the city, then who will?

So please get involved by telling us of your achievements and let us spread the word of this great place we are all lucky to call home.

Or if you simply want to tell us why you LOVE Worcester, then ring, email, tweet or Facebook us.

We're Backing Worcester (#BackingWorcester) - join us.