A SUPERCENTENARIAN has celebrated her 111th birthday by sharing her secrets to long life.

Grace Jones, of Broadway, Worcestershire, marked the milestone with her friends and family at a party in Buckland Manor today.

Ms Brown, who was born in Liverpool, offered five tips to aspiring supercentenarians.

1. Have a drink - "I recommend anyone to take drop of whiskey in bed with a drop of water."

2. Try to avoid anxiety - "Do not worry... it's not worth it."

3. Move homes. Ms Jones changed properties 27 times in her life - "I love moving houses."

4. Stay active - "When I was younger I always went to dance school. We were always playing tennis."

5. Enjoy good company - "Just be happy with other friends."

Ms Jones has lived all over the UK, including in Derbyshire, Cheshire, Sidmouth, north Wales and the Cotswolds.

The supercentenarian paid her condolences to the family of Violet Moss Brown, who was the oldest person in the world until her death on Saturday.

She said: "I'm nearly there now. It's good going getting to 117. I'm very sorry for her family."

Deirdre McCarthy, aged 79, of Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, said her mum is now the sixth oldest person in the country.

Speaking about her mother she said: "She's always looking for the action and has always been like this.

"She looks on the bright side and makes the most of every day.

"My father was equally as lovely, unfortunately he died quite some years ago now. It was a lovely family unit."