WORCESTER musicians are backing a national campaign to raise money for the homeless charity Crisis.

Musicians Against Homelessness returns to The Marr's Bar this Friday (September 22) after a successful concert last year.

The event will see Thousand Mountain, Lost Tiger To The Wild, Nth Cave, Rita Lynch, Humdrum Express and Vinny Peculiar play across the evening.

Joel Hughes, guitarist of Thousand Mountain, said: "Trusting unsigned local bands with such a pressing issue is something that means a lot to us all.

"It would be so easy to book an arena and have the chart top ten turn up, play, cash a cheque, and leave but that has no significance to the general communities.

"Getting local bands, across all genres, in local venues really speaks to everyone.

"Charity begins on your own doorstep," he added.

"People are coming to venues to support a charity, but they're also seeing some amazing local talent that they may never have been introduced to.

"It's a really exciting time to be a musician, and with the Musicians Against Homelessness gigs it gives us a chance to give a little back to a community that offers us so much."

Rita Lynch, punk legend and Bristol native who regularly performs in Worcester, said: "It is always a pleasure to come to Worcester and the Marrs Barr is a fantastic venue."

"We have to see how we can get people who live locally to make the effort to come out and we have to make them open to new music."

"As somebody who squatted for a number of years I know how hard it is.

"You hear all this talk about affordability but what is affordable now? How long is a piece of string?

"We're at the point where people can't afford to get help.

"Everything now is just lining the pockets of landlords."

The event is part of Musicians Against Homelessness 2017 which runs throughout September and coincides with the 50th anniversary of homeless charity Crisis.

The campaign was set up by Creation Records co-founder and Oasis guru Alan McGee in 2016.

“The support in Worcester has been tremendous and inspiring and it’s fantastic that so many quality bands have come forward," said Mr McGee.

Stars including Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder and Liverpool band Cast

Tickets are £5 in advance or £7 on the door. They are available from marrsbar.co.uk