RESIDENTS have shared their fond memories of Blackfriars as part of the 25th anniversary of Crowngate shopping centre.

The Friary Walk centre replaced the old market precinct but many locals still remember the visiting the complex.

John Watterson, aged 46, of Back Lane South, Worcester, said: "I worked at the Housewives Choice fruit shop and my godmother had the Crazy Cavern toy stall at the top of the escalator in the upstairs market.

"Getting a new BMX from Star Cycles for Christmas… [I have] loads of memories from there!”

Penny Webb, aged 49, of St John’s, Worcester, remembered a t-shirt shop in the centre.

She said: "I got some t-shirts printed there for the venture Scout unit I went to.

"I also applied for a job at the supermarket at the top of the road and remember they only did uniform up to a size 14. People used to bungee jump off the building for charity.”

Sue Gardner, aged 55, of Warndon, Worcester, said: “My first Saturday job was at the Astoria Café next door to Knowles.

"I loved the market, loved Magpie Records and Bill Stunt jeans, and of course the one and only Dive Bar.”

Rebecca Endacott, aged 56, of Claines, said: “I was only 16 at the time, and it was always the place to be on a Saturday.

"Very busy with the market up the escalator lots of interesting little stalls when you got up there.

"It was next to the bus stop so easy to get too. A mix of vegetable shops, Safeways and Family Way baby shop - where I bought my pram from 35-years-ago.

"The Dive Bar, Diamond House Chinese, Peter Richards was a fab clothes shop and of course the barbers and cake store up in the market.”

Stella Oakey, aged 58, of Great Witley, Worcestershire, said: "I remember it well.

"I met my husband in the Dive Bar - where Mothercare is now - 40 years ago.

"We were at school together at the Chantry, but were four years apart. 

"We met up again in the Dive Bar on 13 October 1977, I was 18-years-old.

"We went out together from then on. And we are still together, three children and four grandchildren later.”