NEWENT Community School students relished the chance to put Hilary Clinton under pressure at the recent Cheltenham Literature.

And they left the event inspired.

Hillary Clinton came to Cheltenham to discuss, among other things, her hatred of Donald Trump and why she lost the election.

In the audience were forty students from nine surrounding schools and students studying journalism from Gloucestershire University, but Newent pupils had questioned lined up too.

A spokesman said: "The talk was based around an interview with Mariella Frostrup who asked questions regarding her book 'What Happened'; which is her in-depth study of the 2016 presidential election results.

"One lucky student from each school was selected to meet Mrs Clinton. The excitement was electric with one student saying, 'I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet Hillary Clinton face to face and she was an incredibly inspiring speaker.'."

Amelia Threadgill, Head Girl at Newent, was actually introduced to Mrs Clinton and said she found the situation "quite surreal”.

And Dafi Griffiths, Head Boy at Newent, was able to ask Mrs Clinton:“Did you share Barack Obama’s views to tighten gun control in the USA?”

Mrs Clinton spoke of the vast number of deaths due to gun violence and how she was very much in support of Obama.

A question from a student from the University of Gloucestershire, regarding more opportunities for women, "allowed Mrs Clinton to show her drive once again and she gave a rallying response".

The Newent Community School spokesman added: "All students were thrilled at the being given the opportunity to attend such a prestigious event and thanked the University of Gloucestershire for their support."