A CITY councillor has blasted the decision to remove several trees from a busy road, a move he believes has been done without consultation.

Cllr Louis Stephen, who represents Battenhall on the city council, is angry after four trees were removed from the side of Bath Road near the junction with Timberdine Avenue on Wednesday (November 1).

The county council said it chopped the trees down because they were causing problems for people with pushchairs and disabilities.

Cllr Stephen said: "I'm really angry about these trees being cut down.

"It seems that there has been no public consultation.

"Trees are important to Worcester, they help to reduce pollution levels and are a valuable habitat for birds and other animals.

"We need the council to commit to replace these felled trees and consult properly before any future felling takes place."

In February, Cllr Stephen put forward an amendment to the city council budget for £20,000 to plant trees around Worcester in a bid to improve air quality around the city centre.

Cllr Stephen wrote to county council leader Simon Geraghty - as his county councillor - for an explanation.

He asked Cllr Geraghty why the trees were removed, whether any consultation has occurred with city councillors and the local residents and whether he has any plans to replant new trees.

A Worcestershire County Council spokesman said: "Concerns in relation to these trees have been raised by members of the public.

"The trees in question were causing an inconvenience for people with disabilities or with pushchairs.

"Due to the size of trees and the fact that the roots were forcing up the surface of the pavement, a decision was taken to remove them ahead of planned resurfacing work.

"We will look at suitable, replacement trees in the area."