A CREATIVE design agency have recently gained the public’s attention with their poignant poppy window art work.

The design work, which features poppies and soldiers has been appearing in the window of We Are Beard, and has been shared on social media.

It is not the first time the company has grabbed attention with its window as the idea first started at Halloween with spooky art work.

David Webb, Creative Director of the company said: “We wanted to push ourselves to do something fun and show off our creativity.

"We wanted to do something for remembrance, it’s a more poignant and serious thing. It doesn’t always have to be something silly.

We are now hooked on the idea of doing something more regularly, and it’s great as the festive season's coming. Sporadically we will continue throughout the year.

"Being a creative studio we thought how we can do something for ourselves to make it fun.”

The art work gained interest from the public, with David Webb saying: “We had two emails. Just people saying what a nice thing it is we are doing, it was touching.

"We are not doing it for the intention of trying to gain interest. It is message we want to portray, there is no commercial agenda.”

Illustration apprentice, Daniel Boyd at We Are Beard helped with the art work to show off his skills.

David said: “The Halloween piece we worked on together, but with the remembrance one we let him have a go. It was entirely up to him with what to do, so I think it was good from him.”

We Are Beard shop is based in Worcester, the Butts and was founded in 2011.

It is a multidisciplinary creative agency offering branding services based around graphic design and website design.