ENERGY firm Npower in Worcester is celebrating a successful year as an official call centre for Children in Need.

Alongside CEO Paul Coffey, 110 employees manned the 50 dedicated phone lines, taking almost 2,000 calls throughout the night.

Donations taken totalled over £80,000 – adding to the approximately £50million so far raised for Children in Need this year.

The volunteers, who work across npower offices, got into the spirit of things by dressing 1980s-style in fluorescent leggings, leg warmers and head bands.

They were kept energised throughout the evening, which began at 6.45pm on Friday and ended at 1am on Saturday, with food and drink, an 80s-themed disco, and party games.

Mr Coffey, who volunteered for the evening, said: “I was immensely proud that our staff were able to help BBC Children in Need’s appeal show again this year. By giving the general public a quick and easy way to donate, we are doing our bit to help an incredibly worthy cause. Morale was high throughout the evening and staff went

above and beyond to ensure that every call was answered and every donation taken.”

Claire Cooper, a senior adviser for npower and volunteer for the evening, added: “I bought my outfit weeks ago and ate tonnes of sweets and take-away pizza on the night. It never fails to surprise me how generous the UK public are, and with such heart-breaking stories aired throughout the night, I was glad to be able to do my part. I bought a good few raffle tickets too to help raise the fundraising total -– and bagged a couple of prizes.”

Deputy mayor of Worcester, Jabba Riaz, who was there alongside MP Robin Walker to wish the volunteers well at the start of the night, said: “This is a great example of corporate social responsibility at its best: not for the kudos but because they genuinely care."