VANDALS spoiled a much-criticised city Christmas tree less than two days after its lights were switched on.

The tree on the St John's roundabout was damaged on Saturday (November 25) and the city council is working to fix the 36 foot high tree as soon as possible.

Worcester News readers complained about the lack of lights on the tree on our Facebook page.

Jackie Smith posted: "It's terrible, just like last year."

Gill Mundy posted: "Same as last year - think they just throw them in the air, see where they land."

However, the lack of lights was a result of vandalism over the weekend.

Lisa Wilks posted: "It wasn't like it Thursday when it first went on - it looked great."

The tree has been called 'pathetic' and 'embarrassing' in recent years which led to the council changing contractors.

The city council is working with its new contractor Blachere Illumination on the clean-up.

The council will foot the bill, which will involve 'specialist' equipment on the busy roundabout.

Cllr Lucy Hodgson, chairman of Worcester City Council’s place and economic development sub-committee, said: “It is very disappointing that mindless vandals have attacked the beautiful lighting on this tree.

"The Christmas lights bring joy to thousands of people across the city, but it seems someone out there wants to spoil it for everyone.

"I hope these people feel guilty about the public’s money having to be used to repair the result of their pathetic actions.”