A MAN assaulted his mother and her partner after the latter left blood around the house.

Andrew Clark, aged 34, became frustrated with his mother’s partner having nosebleeds and leaving a mess.

Clark’s anger turned violent, after finding blood on a door handle at their house in Spring Hill, Worcester.

Mark Johnson, prosecuting, told the court that heated words were exchanged between Clark and his mother Julia and her partner Martin Robertson before he squared up to her.

Mr Johnson said: “He went up into Julia’s face and went nose to nose.

“She said she could feel saliva as he screamed in her face.

“Martin tried to intervene but he shoved him with some force, going back about five feet, hitting his head and hurting his back.

“He continues to shout.

“The injured party goes back towards him and the defendant pushes him onto the sofa.”

The court heard that Clark, of Broadway Grove, Worcester, then pushed his mother on top of her partner, causing an ornament of sentimental value to break.

Mr Robertson then tried to film the incident on his iPad before Clark’s mother slapped Clark with “not a lot of force” and hit out with the iPad.

Clark then began rooting in kitchen draws, leaving the pair frightened that he was looking for a weapon.

He also shouted: “You will be sorry when I am dead.”

The court heard that no restraining order was asked for, with Clark’s mother still keen to work with him to get over his problems.

Chris Aggrey, defending said: “He has had problems with mental health and his mother admits she thinks she could have done more.

“He was assaulted last year which has left him with a serious brain injury.”

He was previously found guilty at a trial on Tuesday November 7.

Clark was given a 12 month community order with 20 rehabilitation activity days.

He was told to pay costs of £620 and a victim surcharge £85.

He appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court on Thursday November 30.