A FATHER-OF-ONE has warned other parents after he found what he believes was cocaine on the baby changing units of a train from Worcester to Droitwich.

Macorley Beattie, from Droitwich, was with his partner and their two-year-old son on the London Midland train travelling from Worcester Foregate Street around midday on November 27 when he made the discovery.

“I went to the toilets where I found the baby unit was down and had two to three smudged lines of powder,” he said. “I looked more closely to it and it was nothing like baby powder.”

“In my opinion it was drugs, most likely cocaine,” he added.

Mr Beattie said he then “rushed out of the toilets” and “showed my partner a bit on the end of my finger”.

He said, she agreed it was “not baby powder” but “we didn’t know what to do, to be honest”.

“When we got off the train we went over to the ticket man, who was also on the train, and explained what I had seen,” he said.

“The ticket man just said plain and simple: ‘Oh, okay, I'll go take it off and get it cleaned’.”

Mr Beattie went on to say: “There's nothing else we could say so we walked away and I then decided to post on Facebook to let parents know.”

Francis Thomas, London Midland’s head of corporate affairs, said the incident would be reported to the British Transport Police (BTP).

He said, if the substance was an illegal drug: “It is appalling behaviour. It is illegal behaviour.

“Our team of revenue, protection and security officers work hard to protect the safety of our customers whilst traveling on our trains.

“We will be reporting the incident to BTP,” he added.