A TWEETING city policeman’s post about suicide prevention was one of the most retweeted in the UK this year.

PC Dave Wise, who posts under @CopThatCooks, tweeted the telephone number for the UK's suicide prevention line and encouraged his 10,300 followers to retweet.

With over 107,000 retweets, PC Wise’s post came in at seventh on the list.

The list was topped by American footballer Carter Wilkerson who asked US fast food chain Wendy's how many retweets he would need for a year's supply of chicken nuggets.

His post was retweeted more than 3.6 million times, falling short of the 18 million set by Wendy's.

Ariana Grande's tweet in response to the Manchester terror attack was retweeted more than 1.1 million times whilst Jermain Defoe's tribute to six-year-old Bradley Lowery had 240,000 retweets.

Former US President Barack Obama was fourth among UK users with his message of equality retweeted more than 1.7 million times globally.

Former footballer Andy Johnson's post about ending the stigma of mental health gained 150,000 retweets.

A photo of Jeremy Clarkson dabbing was retweeted 112,000 times and Peter Crouch's post with his 'family' of giraffes received 150,000 retweets.

A tweet to raise awareness for breast cancer by @LucidWhim collected 255,000 retweets.

A video of Jeremy Corbyn dabbing by @officialwinemom amassed 116,000 retweets.