SANTA has been very busy this year - posing for selfies with you.

We reported how Father Christmas had arrived at his grotto in Worcester's Crowngate shopping centre for the tenth year.

Santa also spoke exclusively to our reporter about how he cultivates his impressive beard and the type of gifts that children (and their grown-ups) ask for each year.

We all know Santa's a good guy - but even we were surprised at the way our readers responded with an outpouring of love and admiration for the Santa who brings cheer to our city every year.

These brilliant pictures show him dabbing, dancing and generally keeping everyone full of festive spirit.

Laura Oldbury said: "Such a lovely Santa he is.

"Always got a smile, a hello and a wave no matter how old you are."

While Stephanie Sonia said: "He is a good Santa. He was doing the Santa dab making kids laugh and was very patient was the children."

Here's 9 reasons why he's the best Santa ever.

1. He has a throne

Here he is doing the traditional Santa wave with Frankie Stephens sat on it.

Worcester News:

Picture: Andy Stephens

2. He's got a great sense of humour

Linda Fowler asked him to pose for a picture while she was on her works do. He said yes, of course!

Worcester News:

Picture: Linda Fowler

3. He dabs

Santa has to move with the times so when Lincon, Oliver, Jack, Kieron (seated), Aaliyah and Robert wanted to dab, he was right there with them.

Worcester News:

Picture: Jenine Allen-Blockley

4. He's good with the little ones

Sometimes meeting Santa can be a bit overwhelming - but our Santa seems to be ever-popular even with the littlest kids.

Worcester News:

Picture: Hannah Fenell

5. He's there every year

Here he is bringing a smile to the face of Leonardo Oates, when he was only two-months old, last year. Mum Pippa Sue Oates says she'll be going back this year to see him again.

In fact, lots of you said they liked being able to see him in the same place year after year.

Worcester News:

Picture: Pippa Sue Oates

6. Even the elves love him

Elf Charlie Hirons helped out at his grotto. She said: "Loved working with him. Such a lovely man." Here she is with son Riley-Prince, who also loved him.

Worcester News:

Picture: Charlie Hirons

7. Everyone's invited

In a group? Santa will squeeze everybody in for a selfie.

Worcester News:

Picture: Sarah Freeman

8. He's got a great grotto

Stephanie Sonia said: "I love the way the grotto's made this year." Here's Adam Freeman enjoying his surroundings.

Worcester News:

Picture: Adam Freeman

9. He lets grown-ups join in

It's not just kids that ask for selfies. Big kids want to join in too. Here's Margaret Jones and Ali McKee's Santa Selfie.

Worcester News:

Picture:  Ali McKee