A MURDER probe has yet to find a motive or murder weapon but a senior detective says his team is determined to get 'justice for Julie'.

Detective superintendent Adrian McGee has spoken of the challenges officers face as they investigate the murder of 'solitary and independent' Julie Fox but promised his team's probe would be thorough and meticulous.

Disabled Ms Fox, who had cerebral palsy, was found dead in the hallway of her bungalow in Carnforth Drive, Worcester, after suffering a significant head injury caused by a blunt instrument.

The 51-year-old's body was found at 6.50pm on Wednesday, December 27 after it is believed she was attacked in her home.

The last known person to have seen her alive was a carer at 6.45pm on Friday, December 22.

As previously reported, the murder came to light when neighbours alerted the emergency services due to the smell of gas coming from Ms Fox's bungalow.

Police continue to search for the murder weapon and a pink handbag which was missing from her home and which they believe may have been taken.

The handbag can be seen in her lap on the CCTV image, the only photo police currently have of her.

Det supt McGee, head of major investigations for Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police, said: "A meticulous forensic examination in this case is still continuing five days after the incident to identify who was responsible."

Police are keeping an open mind as to whether one or more people were involved in the murder and any motive behind the attack.

He added: "This is a very unusual case and comes with lots of challenges within it but the important part is that we get justice for Julie so we understand what has happened and bring somebody to account.

"A curious aspect of the case is why the gas taps were left on. There was a risk there and the property had to be ventilated.

"The challenges of this investigation are in determining when she was attacked during that five day period. There were no immediate witnesses and we are trying to understand what the motive was for the attack."

Det supt McGee is keen to speak to anyone who may have had any contact with Ms Fox between when the carer last saw her and the discovery of her body which would help them narrow down when the attack happened.

They would also like to speak to anyone who had any contact with Ms Fox in the last six months or even over previous years to help eliminate them from their enquiries.

Police have also issued new information in the hope it will help but still in the process of building up a more detailed picture of Ms Fox's lifestyle and movements with the help of the public.

Ms Fox was known to be 'solitary and vulnerable' but would attend a cafe in Reindeer Court in Worcester.

Ms Fox, who was independent, travelled about in a mobility scooter accompanied by her dog, a Shih Tzu, and had a love of jewellery.

Ms Fox had lived at the bungalow since 2009.

Det supt McGee said he would like to thank the public so far for their help. He also thanked neighbours for bearing with the police in closing the road for three days which he said had been 'absolutely necessary' as part of their investigation.

Police have asked anyone with their own CCTV or dash cam footage of the roads near to the bungalow where her body was found to come forward as they may have information vital to the investigation.

Anyone with information can call West Mercia Police on 101 and quote incident 597s of December 27, 2017.