Evidently Wendy Hands will "really appreciate the opportunity to own a blue passport again" - well I for one, most certainly will not - I am British and a proud European.

Wendy Hands is obviously craving to live in a Britain devoid of British people i.e. Europeans, but is more than happy to leave  the door wide open for any Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian,African and American to continue to take over and destroy what little culture we have left here.

  Her 'message' to Nicola Sturgeon - and I quote, "Have a Guid Hogmanay, Ms Sturgeon" sums up what little she knows about the Scots who, together with the Welsh and Irish are the only people who pronounce  English correctly.

All we ever hear on TV programmes these days comes from badly spoken Londoners ( a cross between Asian, African and American pop/trend speak) who invariably pronounce the English language incorrectly and continue to use the words "you know" after every other word.

Oh to be young enough to emigrate.

Wendy Lawson, Worcester