EUROPEAN Union flags have appeared across Worcestershire as part of a 'peaceful protest' against Brexit.

Activists have targeted landmarks around Malvern and also planted smaller flags on Worcester's Whittington roundabout.

Worcestershire County Council has pledged to remove the signs on the roundabout as soon as possible.

The EU Flag Mafia has claimed responsibility for draping the flags over Malvern's Elgar statue and the Malvern Link railway station footbridge.

A spokesman for the group said: "Our official stance is that the EU is not perfect, but Brexit is not the answer.

"Hanging flags is peaceful protest, cheeky British humour with a serious message."

It is not yet clear who planted the mini-EU flags on Whittington roundabout.

Steven Mather, a spokesman for Worcestershire for Europe, said: "We are not aware that the EU flags were planted by any of our members, so we assume it was a member of the public.

“More and more people are starting to realise that for job security, the future of our NHS and to halt spiralling inflation, we must stop Brexit.

“Leave won a narrow victory 18 months ago but in a democracy people can change their minds."

Members of Worcestershire For Europe gathered with other pro-EU activists at British Camp, in Malvern, on New Year's Day in a display of solidarity against Brexit.

Mr Mather said: "We have stood together collectively on one of this country's oldest fortifications to represent all of us who do not want us to leave the European Union.

"Article 50 notification can be withdrawn. We have not gone away, we will not go away!"

James Carver, UKIP MEP (member of the European Parliament) for the West Midlands, said the EU is becoming a 'super state'.

He said: "I’ve no problem with minority groups making peaceful protests but these people should show pride in our Union Jack and accept that the majority voted to leave the EU.

"Many reluctant Remainers are now also happy to be leaving having seen the behaviour of many EU officials and politicians since the referendum."

He added that the country will prosper outside of the EU and claims crucial overseas workers - such as NHS staff - will be allowed to settle in the UK.