SIR – It is little wonder that the initial reaction to the idea a bell tower in a secondary school is: ‘A waste of money’?

The bell tower, however, is privately funded and the bells already donated. This begs the question: Why? Who is the benefactor and what do they get in return?

Out of all the schools in the country why were bells donated to this particular school prior to any planning application being granted? A coincidence? I think not.

Who believes the pupil demand for bell ringing at CWLC justifies a 12-bell tower? No-one. The tower would still be of the same iconic value to the city if sited at County Hall or the Hive.

Stop peddling the idea that ‘Chrissies’ has pupils clamouring for bell ringing experience. Worcester already boasts a world-leading ringing centre at the cathedral that uses high-tech and dumb bells. You have to wonder what is driving ‘City Leaders’ to support an audible version of the same thing? Can’t be just for kids bell practice surely?

The sinister reasons behind this project will probably remain buried until planning meetings and reassurances from the school are a distant memory.

There is no pupil demand for an audible bell tower at a St John’s school no matter how wonderful the city leaders thinks it looks. If the City so desperately wants an audible bell ringing training facility then site it well away from residential properties.

It won’t cost the city a bean as it is privately funded. Problem solved.

Chris Hankins