A Worcester restauranteur has refused to display a non-smoking sign in his brasserie despite being handed a £200 fine by the council.

The defiant owner of city restaurant The Glasshouse has refused to pay the fine, telling Worcester City Council, I'll see you in court'.

Brandon Weston said he was making the stand for common sense because The Glasshouse in Sidbury opened as a non-smoking restaurant in November and people have always known they cannot smoke inside or outside on the terrace.

He said: "We are having to put a sign up to ask people not to do something they have never tried to do.

"Nobody has ever tried to smoke here.

"Fine me if someone smokes in my restaurant but don't fine me for refusing to put up a sign. It's pathetic."

His stance has landed him in hot water after the city council issued the restaurant with a fixed penalty notice because the law banning smoking in enclosed public places from Sunday, July 1 also demands non-smoking signs must be displayed at the front entrance of all eligible premises.

However, Mr Weston has sent back the fixed penalty notice indicating he wants the case to be tried at magistrates court.

He says he supports the non-smoking law and has put non-smoking signs up in the restaurant's open air terrace but will not put a sign on the front door.

He said: "Anyone who's been in this country for the last two years knows you can't smoke in a pub, office, wherever.

"It's a non common sense law and that's what annoys me.

"We don't have to put up a sign to say we don't sell alcohol to minors but obviously we don't.

"What's next? It will lead to us having to put up warning signs all over the restaurant about alcohol and salt in food."

The Council's environmental health manager Martin Gillies said he was aware a restaurant owner had given notification that he wished to have the matter decided in court but could not comment on the individual case.

He added: "We are happy to take a lenient approach on the interpretation of legislation and happy to provide advice and information to clarify any uncertainties but where there is an apparent disregard for the legislation we are required to enforce it."