BIG plans are brewing for Worcestershire Homebrew Club, which held an anniversary event to celebrate a successful first year.

Worcestershire Homebrew Club began as a Facebook group a year ago and has grown, now meeting on the third Thursday of every month at The Dragon Inn, The Tything.

The latest meeting was the special anniversary event, with members old and new popping along enjoying guest speakers, swapping brews and discussing plans for the year ahead.

Jo Williams from Stocks Farm in Suckley, and Ben Adams from Charles Faram and Co Ltd, spoke to the group about their processes, new hops coming through and how to pair hops for beer recipes.

The group also got to try a sour beer brewed by club member Jon Dowson.

Dan Walters, who was instrumental in setting the club up, said: “Dave Llewellyn, of HomeBrew Dave’s Supplies Ltd in St Johns, set up his shop and he had a Facebook page where a lot of the customers would chat about their experience of homebrewing.

"At the end of 2015, one member, Jon Dowson suggested we all get together.

"We’ve got about 10 or 12 core members who come to every meeting, and others who come when they can but we always want to welcome new members.

"I was quite new to brewing when we set up the club, so this was a fantastic chance to gather the knowledge of those around the table – some of whom were new like me, others who have been brewing for years.

“Our plans for the new year are to visit more places, more breweries, and to potentially put together a hop harvest brew in association with Stocks Farm.”

Roy Hamilton was a new member who joined the group for the first time at the anniversary event.

“Dave recommended the group previously, and I read about the meet and thought I’d give it a try," Mr Hamilton said.

"I’ve been brewing at home for four years, using my Grainfather. Although I’ve taught myself a lot there is so much I don’t know, and that’s where I hope this group will come in.”

For more information on the group, or to become a member, email or visit