Does Worcester need more grit bins to help clear icy streets?

One councillor thinks so, but a political opponent, who has the job of keeping the streets clear says it’s not that simple, but also says that he’s looking at the issue.

Councillor Jabba Riaz, Labour councillor for Cathedral ward in Worcester actually compliments Councillor Alan Amos, the Conservative cabinet member for Highways at County Hall.

He said: “Can I acknowledge the great work the Highways department had done over the Christmas period in keeping the city and County moving? Credit where it’s due - Cllr Alan Amos did the best he could under the circumstances.”

But that came with some criticism. Cllr Riaz said while the city centre was cleared, traders suffered in the crucial run-up to Christmas because pavements and sidestreets remained icy and people couldn’t get to the shops.

He added: “I urge Cllr Amos to make it a priority that the surrounding streets are gritted for those schools that intend to open, as well as re-introduce grit bins at the end of streets and community hubs so that residents can at least try to grit their own area.”

Cllr Amos said: “The road clearing crews at the county Highways department did a great job. They gritted the equivalent of 18,000 miles of road, and also priority centres like health centres, town centres and emergency accesses.

“We offer grit at a discount to any school in the county and will deliver it for free so schools can grit the roads around them. We can’t be everywhere.”

He added: “With grit bins, you can’t just put them anywhere, because they mustn’t block the pavement for people with buggies or who use wheelchairs, and the more bins you have the longer it takes to fill them. But you can ask for one to be installed, and I’ve asked to have the process looked at to make it easier in time for next winter. I want to help people help themselves.”

To request a grit bin contact 01905 845676