THIS dramatic video shows the moment a bin fire caused the roof of an outhouse to collapse.

A gang of children who have been causing chaos in the area have been blamed for the fire. 

The blaze erupted in Popert Drive, off Newtown Road, Worcester, at shortly before 3.07pm yesterday.

A fire crew from Worcester arrived at the scene at 3.13pm and decided to call for extra firefighters to help tackle the inferno.

The flames devastated the bin store, which is owned by Fortis Living, and damaged the adjacent building.

Adam Smith, aged 28, who lives in the building next to where the fire took place, said: "Flames were as tall as the house itself. It's lucky no one got hurt.

"There was black smoke everywhere, my car got covered in it. A guy who lives nearby was banging on everyone's door saying there was a blaze.

"We have been asking about a security gate [for the shed]. After that it needs it.

"It was stacked full of rubbish. The collection day is Tuesday and this was on Sunday."

He added that one of his neighbours - whose window faces the blaze - had worked a night shift and slept through the fire.

The resident only came out of the building after the flames had been extinguished, according to Mr Smith.

He also said another neighbour claimed to see two kids standing near the shed before it caught fire. 

Emily Bond, a 33-year-old fulltime student, of Popert Drive, Worcester, said: “The kids are just a bloody nuisance.

“They have been terrorising one lady in particular. We’ve seen them spitting on neighbours’ windows. I’ve found bottles of urine in the front garden.

“When it was just ringing the bell, or throwing rubbish about, it was just a bit of a nuisance but now they are going to start burning rubbish what do we do? They take it as a badge of honour.

“What if they had taken out someone’s house with it? What if they had hurt somebody? I want their parents to know what they are up to.

“When I went over to see what the damage was like there was a chap who saw them lighting things… in the bin area. He saw them light up and then run off just before it went up.

“He said he had seen them in there before. It must be the place to have a crafty fag. It could have been an accident.

“The best thing to do is to have it fenced off… but open on one side so people can see if they are messing about.”

She added that her neighbours are worried about speaking out in case they are targeted.

Ms Bond decided to set up a residents’ Facebook page, called Perry Wood Oaks, yesterday - in a bid to stamp out the problems. 

Natalie Hinett, a 27-year-old accountant, also of Popert Drive, said someone had previously dumped a bag containing a dead rabbit in her garden.

“We have a pet rabbit. I don’t know if they thought it was ours,” she said.

“I hate living around here. The majority [of people] are lovely. It’s those few that make it difficult to enjoy the area.”

She added that kids had also pushed burning rubbish through local letterboxes and slashed car tyres.

Catherine Cole, assistant director of housing and communities for Fortis Living, said: “We are very sorry to hear about the fire and are thankful that it was contained and that no one was injured.

“We are now arranging for the area to be cleared, made safe and for the store to be replaced.”

Firefighters used three hose reels and one main jet to extinguish the 'severe fire' and then returned to Worcester Fire Station at 4.15pm.

Police were also called to the blaze and if anyone has any information about the fire they can call 101 quoting incident number 446s of February 11.

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