A MOTHER-of-four has been banned from her life-long GP for allegedly swearing at a receptionist.

But Christina Spencer, of Canterbury Road, who was driving at the time and had her mobile on loud speaker, said she was actually swearing at a dangerous driver.

Mrs Spencer, a patient at Spring Gardens Group Medical Practice, Spring Gardens, Worcester, has arthritis in many parts of her body as well as sciatica and sees bone and joint specialists at Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Northfield, near Birmingham.

The 51-year-old had reached the junction of Midland Road, Tallow Hill and Shrub Hill Road, Worcester, on Wednesday, January 31,with her 15-year-old daughter Bethany in the passenger seat, when she claims she was forced to slam on her brakes to avoid a head-on crash.

Mrs Spencer said: “I have been at the surgery since I was born and I have never been aggressive or swore at members of staff.

“I was aiming it at an idiot that came in front of me. I never drive using my mobile without a hands-free kit but mine is broken, so Bethany had the phone on loudspeaker.”

She added: “I trust my GP. I don’t want to go elsewhere. I am not going anywhere else.” On Friday, February 2, Mrs Spencer received a letter from the surgery to say she would be deregistered from Friday, February 9.

She was given eight days to register with another GP and a list of other practices. The same day she received a letter from NHS England confirming the removal. Following the ban, Mrs Spencer wrote a letter pleading with the surgery to let her continue to be a patient.

She also said that if the surgery would let her return she would sign an agreement that her behaviour could be reviewed after three months.

Mrs Spencer is a full-time carer for her daughter Bethany.

A spokesman from NHS South Worcestershire CCG said: “A practice may remove someone from their patient register in some situations, for example, because they may have moved out of the practice area or they may have been physically or verbally abusive to people at the practice. Under such circumstances patients are entitled to emergency treatment until they are registered at another GP surgery.”