SIR – Refusing to accept the loan of the Bayeux tapestry, as suggested by John Phillpott (It’s a long story, February 10) is really not the solution.

The French conquest of England proved a success; we owe to it the consolidation of our country, a great deal of our language (the rest came from other successful invaders like Danes, Angles and Saxons), a lot of our law, and our monarchy – to name but a few.

And while Mrs May was kowtowing her way back from China this month after doing trade deals (isn’t that what the Quitters say we’re not allowed to do?) we continue to do multiples of trade with our French neighbours while sharing peace, democracy and human rights.

I suggest Mr Phillpott celebrate the famous British manners and sense of humour; his proposal to improve our politicians’ antennae should be replaced by untwisting his own understanding.

Lawrence Brewer