A MOTHER has praised a kind taxi driver who returned her lost purse - with £60 inside - after a two month search.

Jo Bradburn, 46, left her wallet in a taxi back in early December after an evening out.

A taxi driver returned the mother-of-three's wallet on Monday this week, despite there not being any identification to link it to her.

Mrs Bradburn said: “It was ten to nine at night and we had a knock on the door which we were a bit wary of, you hear about distraction burglaries where someone opens the door and another person enters the house.

“My husband answered the door and the taxi driver said, 'I want to speak to your wife, because I have something for her.'

“I was a little bit concerned about that. I am a teacher and I thought it might be a parent with a gripe.

“I came downstairs and the driver had my purse. I don’t know how he found me as it had no identification, only £60 in notes.

"I ran after him to give him £20 to say thank you.

“He said he had been trying to find the right house for a while and he wasn’t sure he was in the right place.

“I was so shocked that I didn’t ask his name and it was difficult to see him because it was dark.

“It is reassuring that there are still nice people in the world. It was a very kind thing to do and I thought I would never get it back as it did not have any identification in.

“It was the first weekend in December that I lost it.

"I got home and didn’t have my purse so my husband had to pay for the taxi.

“I got in a taxi outside a rank at Drummonds in Friar Street (Worcester) to my house in Droitwich.”

Mrs Bradburn, from Windsor Road in Droitwich, teaches at Witton Middle School.

She said the taxi driver was of a small build and she thought he spoke with an African accent - but she couldn't tell which firm he was from either.

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