SCREWS and nails have been thrown across a road for the second time this year - causing damage to several cars in Droitwich.

Some motorists who had driven along Crofters Way on Saturday (February 10) were left with expensive bills to replace damaged tyres.

Kyle Whitehouse, from Droitwich, lost a full day's pay when the front two tyres of his car were damaged.

A self-employed brick layer, Mr Whitehouse had to take the day off to get his car fixed.

"Both of my front two tyres were punctured and both had to be replaced and one of my rear tyres still had one of the tacks in and the puncture could be repaired.

"All in all it cost £150 for two new tyres and a puncture repair.

" I was angry when I found out that someone had deliberately done it.

"Affecting people’s livelihood by stopping them getting to work is out of order."

Another motorist was left with a flat front tyre when she let her son borrow the car to drive to Droitwich.

After seeing a warning on Facebook, she checked her car.

"Lo and behold, when I checked it my front tyre it was as flat as a pancake," she said.

"The chap that came out to fix it said it was a tack so I can only assume it happened when my son drove over to Crofters.

"I was lucky - they were able to fill the hole rather than needing to replace the whole tyre so it only cost £60.

"Seeing it first thing on a Monday morning when I needed to get my son to school and then was supposed to be driving to London for work meetings was frustrating and stressful to say the least."

Nicky Hine, from Droitwich, who had to fork out £150 for repairs after finding several roofing tacks in her car tyres in January 2017, was thankful warnings had been posted on social media.

"It's awful really when you have to go a different route to go to and from your own house.

"We have just had new tyres so we definitely don’t want a bill like last year."

It is not the first time nails have been found in the road in Droitwich.

As we reported in January, several motorists had to buy replacement tyres and fix punctures after driving near the Westlands estate.