SIR – Your letters page in recent weeks has been full of anti-cycling vitriol. However your letter from Councillor Amos (Cycling idea is plain daft, February 13) describing cyclists as cycle-mad morons, and with visions of carnage on the high street was just too much.

Worcester clearly has a traffic problem and encouraging people to cycle or walk has to be part of the solution.

If by allowing responsible cycling in some pedestrian areas, and I stress responsible, then perhaps more will abandon their addiction to their cars and take to two wheels.

Currently cycling across Worcester using routes such as City Walls Road, Sidbury, Deansway and Croft Road is like taking part in the Hunger Games where everyone seems to be out to kill you!

So surely it is sensible to explore ways to make cycling safer, convenient and hence more attractive to more people.

I hope that Cllr Amos and his colleagues on the city council will continue to explore more ways to make both cycling and walking in Worcester a more pleasant and safe experience.