Campaigners opposed to Brexit will be making their case at two events in Worcester this month.

Anti-Brexit street performers who have protested outside Downing Street for months are bringing their show to Worcester on Saturday.

If they are coming at the invitation of Worcestershire for Europe, whose organiser Stuart Thompson said: “It’s a light-hearted and good-natured protest called the Number 10 Vigil. And this is the first time they are playing outside London, doing a tour of Worcester, Hereford and Warwickshire.

The show features satirical songs and sketches and there’s an artist called Faux Bojo, who looks just like the foreign secretary and he’s got a ventriloquist’s dummy called Mayhem who looks like the Prime Minister.

“It’s not Project Fear, it’s Project Fun.”

Stuart added that there is a serious point to the tomfoolery

He said: “We just want people to be more aware of what’s going on. After all the distortions of the referendum campaign, the truth is emerging.

“We just want the people to have a vote on the final deal. We want the people to take back control and decide on the final deal.”

The fun starts at 2pm in Worcester High Street outside the Guildhall on Saturday

Speaking of buses, on Thursday February 22 a bus called by campaigners the ‘Brexit Bus of Truth’ will be calling at the Cap 'n Gown pub in Upper Tything in Worcester.

The bus is emblazoned with the slogan “Brexit Bill: £50bn and counting. Let’s fund our NHS instead.”

Ted Marshall is landlord of the pub, which hold many political events and debates.

He said: “I think I just want people to get involved in the debate. I voted in the referendum, but it’s not my politics that matter. The more people who get involved, who come to and listen to debates who learn about politics and what’s going on the better it is.”

Worcester as a city was more Brexit than the rest of the country as a whole, with 53.7 per cent of people voting to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum, and 46.3 per cent voting to Remain.

The city’s MP Robin Walker, who campaigned for Remain is now a minister at the Department for Exciting the EU.

He has previously and repeatedly stated that the government must respect the result of the 2016 vote and manage the country’s exit from the EU.