A SHOCKED resident has shared this picture of drug needles and wrappers dumped in a city car park.

Jack Stanley found the paraphernalia in St Martin's Gate car park, in Worcester.

He feared that children might get their hands on the items and phoned the police to ensure they were removed.

Mr Stanley, of Malvern, said: "I rang 101 to let them know and they replied I will have to call the council in the morning as it's not their problem.

"It's not like it's a small amount either and we were worried cause it's half term this week so there might be kids in the car park this morning."

Sgt Carl Jones, of Worcester’s Cathedral Safer Neighbourhood Team, said police officers work with other local groups to deal with dumped paraphernalia.

He said: “Nobody wants to see dirty needles, we all use the city in one way or another.

"The council shares this information with us and we target our patrols to deal with it.

“Cathedral Safer Neighbourhood Team patrols the car park very regularly as do the civil enforcement officers.

"In a case like this we will meet with partners, including the council, but also Maggs, Caring for Communities and People, and Swanswell, to name but three.

“Sometimes but not always there is a rough sleeping element and those partners will seek to support individuals in breaking away from their addictions and getting support and shelter.”

A Worcester City Council spokesman added that officers inspect the car park several times every day. The items were found on Sunday evening.

The spokesman said: “Our staff are trained to safely remove and dispose of any dangerous materials they find, and that has already happened in this case.

“We also liaise closely with the police with regard to safety in the car park and the surrounding area.”

Anyone who finds discarded needles or other drugs paraphernalia can inform the council on www.worcester.gov.uk/report-it