WITTON Middle School held their first vocabulary parade where children were challenged to come dressed up as a word of their choice.

The costumes were amazing and included unusual and unique words such as ‘circumference’, ‘ambiguity’, ‘origami’ and ‘covert’.

The children - and teachers - paraded around in their costumes and overall winners were selected for each class and then year group.

It was a very difficult choice for staff as so many costumes showed real creativity and effort.

Children took part in activities throughout the day where they used their words to create human sentences, complete vocabulary challenges and teach other children what their words meant.

There were also ‘Drop Everything and Read’ bells where all children stopped what they were doing in class to enjoy their reading book for ten minutes. 

The children said it was 'cool' and 'fun' and Erin Broderick, aged 11, said: 'It's been interesting to do something different on World Book Day.'